4 October 2012

The University of Queensland’s School of Tourism is strengthening ties with one of the most prestigious universities in China after hosting a delegation of prominent academics from the School of Tourism Management at Sun Yat-Sen University.

The visit, which took place in early October, was designed to develop future research collaborations and enrich the strong existing partnership between the two universities in regard to students articulating to study at UQ.

“This visit demonstrates the importance both universities attach to the joint agreement between UQ and Sun Yat-Sen University,” said Associate Professor Stephen Craig-Smith, Head of the School of Tourism.

“Interesting and useful research projects are likely to follow in the coming months," he said.

The delegation included Professor Bao Jigang, Assistant President of Sun Yat-Sen University; Professor Xu Hong-gang, Associate Dean of the School of Tourism Management; Associate Professor Luo Qiuju; Associate Professor Zeng Guojun; Dr Lai Kun; and Dr Wu Haocun.

The delegation discussed a range of topics including, classification of visitors of mega sport events and its economic impact assessment; the impacts of social cultural factors on Chinese experience of historical mountains; event perceptions, image and branding; and impacts of the Canton International Food Festival on change of city image on the Internet: a perspective of new cultural geography.

The Sun Yat-Sen staff also had the opportunity to meet former students who are now studying tourism at UQ.

The School of Tourism’s partnership with Sun Yat-Sen University started in 2007 when an articulation agreement was established for the School’s undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

This was reinforced in 2009 when the agreement was extended to include a new joint ‘2 + 2’ program with their Event Management students.

As part of the agreement, the School of Tourism awards tuition fee scholarships to the most academically successful of these students.

The first cohort of students from Sun Yat-Sen University arrived in July 2011 and included 34 students. Another 24 students arrived in July 2012, and future cohorts already studying at Sun Yat-Sen University will be ready to join UQ next year.

Media: Claire Shuter, 07 3346 9259 or c.shuter@uq.edu.au