27 August 2012

The University of Queensland and the UQ Union have met this morning to resolve outstanding concerns surrounding the union.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Mick McManus and UQ Director of Corporate Operations Jeremy Crowley met with UQ Union president Colin Finke, secretary Brodie Thompson, treasurer Linda Cho, and general manager Mark Farago.

Professor McManus said the University and the Union this morning addressed public concerns about the transparency of this years’ election process.

“The University takes all complaints against and concerns about UQU very seriously, and we are now going to use the powers under the 2009 Funding and Services Agreement to audit the Union,” he said.

The UQ Union is a distinct constitutional entity to the University, and acts entirely independently from the University.

“We made it clear in the meeting that we expect nothing but the greatest integrity, accountability and transparency of a union that uses funds on behalf of students and of the University,” he said.

“We are being careful to address these concerns in a way that is both fair and follows due process.”

The union prompted the meeting after the University called for greater transparency measures from the union.

Professor McManus said the University would write to the union later today to outline its approach.

“We look forward to resolving all outstanding issues,” he said.
Media: Janelle Kirkland, 0424 013 095 or j.kirkland@uq.edu.au