22 August 2012

The University of Queensland is committed to ensuring transparency within its operations, and welcomes the opportunity to comment on recent interest around the University of Queensland Union (UQU).

UQU represents students studying at the University. It is a distinct constitutional entity to the University, which is an appropriate arrangement.

The University does, however, have an agreement with UQU to deliver student-facing services. It takes seriously, therefore, any allegation that the conduct of UQU is anything but robust and transparent, and has now reached consensus with the current UQU Student Executive as to how enhancements in the area of transparency in particular can be achieved. These include publication of the following on the UQU website:

• UQU Constitution and Regulations, including evidence of any recent changes to these.
• UQU Annual Reports, including financial summaries
• Notices of governance meetings and consequent Minutes of these meetings.

The University will also be working with UQU to ensure an appropriate, publicised UQU general complaints and appeals procedure is in operation.

It is recognised that these enhancements are needed quickly, so both parties will prioritise accordingly.

In the meantime, in response to electoral issues recently raised, an Electoral Tribunal hearing will take place on Thursday 23rd August.