9 February 2012

The University of Queensland launched the Starting at UQ website in December last year, as a key resource for new students to the University.

The launch of the website is a sub-project of the Student Lifecycle Project (SLP), which was established at The University of Queensland in 2010 with the goal to improve the UQ student experience.

The student experience starts with potential students interacting with The University through to study and graduation, until they become alumni.

New students will be directed to this site once they receive their UQ username and from here they can access and complete all administrative and academic tasks in preparation for first week of classes.

The Starting at UQ website will therefore allow O Week to focus on the new cohort of students and provide opportunities for improved social interactions.

The website is the result of consultation, best practice, website design and student testing. It will streamline and simplify the current enrolment information available on My Advisor and New to UQ and present it in a clear, step-wise format.

According to user feedback provided by staff and students so far, the response has been very positive.

Current students who have used the site either to help their friends who are starting at UQ or for their own enrolment in second and third years have reported that it is a large improvement over previous years.

Over time, the website is expected to become the best source of enrolment information for students.

Site address: http://www.uq.edu.au/startingatuq/

For more information: Rowena Bower, Student and Administrative Services 3365 1989 or r.bower@uq.edu.au