2011 Eureka Prize nominee and GCI research fellow John Cook
2011 Eureka Prize nominee and GCI research fellow John Cook
24 August 2011

University of Queensland alumnus Mr John Cook, the creator of SkepticalScience.com and a new appointment to UQ’s Global Change Institute (GCI), has been named as a finalist in the 2011 Australian Museum Eureka Prizes.

Mr Cook, a finalist for the NSW Government Eureka Prize for Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge is Research Fellow in Climate Change Communication at the GCI.

The prize is awarded to an Australian individual, group or organisation for work that motivates action to reduce the impacts of climate change. Winners in all categories will be announced on Tuesday, September 6.

In his new position Mr Cook will focus on the effective communication of the science around climate change and, working with the GCI team, enhance the delivery and use of evidence-based information by business, government and the wider community.

“It is exciting to have such a dynamic communicator as research fellow in the GCI. His SkepticalScience website and phone apps are considered worldwide as a valuable source of credible, peer-reviewed science about climate change,” GCI Director Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg said.

“As a well-respected climate change communicator John was asked to assist US politicians respond to anti-climate change rhetoric during a recent US senate hearing and has co-authored Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand with environmental scientist Haydn Washington, published in 2011 by UK publisher EarthScan.

Skeptical Science is an independent website that explains climate science and rebuts misinformation in plain English, using web, social media and innovative phone apps, to reach hundreds of thousands of readers and provide material adopted by scientists, politicians, organisations and climate communicators

Media: John Cook (07 3346 7625, j.cook3@uq.edu.au) or Robert Mackay-Wood at the Global Change Institute (07 3346 9041, 0410 491 159, r.mackaywood@uq.edu.au)

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