21 December 2010

Despite a soft national labour market, University of Queensland graduates under the age of 25 and available for full-time work have again achieved outstanding employment rates.

Graduate Careers Australia's Australian Graduate Survey 2010 to be released this evening reveals that University of Queensland graduates continued to score jobs in the post-global financial crisis climate.

In the national performance figures, UQ had achieved a full-time employment rate for bachelor degree graduates of 78.9 per cent against the national full-time employment figure of 76.2 per cent reported by GCA.

The data, which apply to Australian citizens and permanent residents, were collected in April, 2010, within four months of students completing their studies.

The University of Queensland has only 4.5 percent of its graduates recorded as unemployed and seeking full-time employment in the Australian Graduate Survey 2010. This compares with a national rate of 8.6 per cent of bachelor degree graduates reported by GCA as not working and still looking for full-time employment at the time of the survey.

The figures for UQ bachelor degree graduates in further full-time study represented 21.3 per cent against a national figure of 19 percent.

The GCA said the soft labour market conditions, reflecting the state of the broader economic environment, also served to limit the growth in graduate starting salaries.

UQ bachelor degree graduates in their first full-time employment (and under 25 years of age) reported median starting salaries of $49,250 for males and $44,000 for females. The national median annual starting salary for bachelor degree graduates aged less than 25 and in their first full-time employment in Australia was $49,000.

Of those in their first full-time employment, the higher end UQ salaries reported by graduates included:

1. Dental Practitioners $80,519
2. Mining Engineers $75,000
3. Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers $60,000
4. Other Engineering Professionals $59,000
5. Generalist Medical Practitioners $57,000
6. Physiotherapists $56,970

The top 10 professions for bachelor graduates by levels of full-time employment:
Dentistry 100%
Medicine 100%
Pharmacy 100%
Veterinary Science 95.5%
Occupational Therapy & Physiotherapy 93.9%
Mining Engineering 92.9%
Civil Engineering 92.3%
Mechanical Engineering 92.0%
Urban & Regional Planning 90.0%
Nursing (basic) 89.2%

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