4 November 2010

A world renowned US relationships expert will discuss factors that predict marital success and distress, at a University of Queensland talk tomorrow.

Professor Howard Markman, who has appeared on Oprah and USA Today, will address alumni from UQ’s School of Psychology.

He is recognised as one of the leading researchers in the prediction and prevention of marital distress and divorce and in research based relationship and marriage education and intervention programs.

The founder of the Love Your Relationship Couples Retreats and Professor at the University of Denver, Professor Markman has received many awards and honours and is often featured in the media as an expert on marriage and divorce.

“I frequently have the opportunity to talk about our research at national and international conferences as well as with media outlets such as the Chicago Tribune, Oprah, Today, 20/20, NY Times, USA Today,” he said.

Professor Markman and his team’s research-based marriage education program PREP (Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program) has been used and tested in a number of settings within the United States and around the world.

His team has worked with colleagues in the U.S. Army, Navy and Air force and with international colleagues in Norway, Germany and Australia.

“My research and clinical interests also include the effects of relationship discord and divorce on mental illness, the effects of love and a great relationship on mental health,” Professor Markman said.

His research team’s latest project FRAME (Fatherhood, Relationship and Marriage Education) is a study that will evaluate the effectiveness of a new intervention program for couples with children.

The program is designed to teach couples skills for creating and maintaining healthy relationships and for promoting investment in parenting.

Professor Markman will address address the topic Premarital Danger Signs that Predict Divorce and Relationship Distress: The First 5 years of Marriage at The University of Queensland St Lucia campus on Friday 5th November.

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