4 October 2010

The Confucius Institute Headquarters has awarded a CI Fellowship in Chinese Studies to Dr Leong Ko from the UQ School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies.

Dr Ko submitted his application earlier this year via the Confucius Institute at UQ.

Dr Leong Ko is Senior Lecturer of Chinese, Translation and Interpreting and Program Convenor of the Masters of Arts in Chinese Translation and Interpreting in SLCCS.

His research covers translation and interpreting studies, pedagogy, online training of translators and interpreters, theoretical and professional aspects of translation and interpreting.

He has published extensively in these areas.

The CI Fellowship will provide Dr Ko with full financial support, including return airfares, for up to three months of field work in China, where he plans to study how modal particles are used in Chinese movies and how they are translated into English.

It is expected that the outcome of the research will provide learners of Chinese with a better understanding of Chinese modal particles.

Media: Dr Lucy Li (07 3346 7898, weili@uq.edu.au)