17 September 2010

School of Tourism Adjunct Professor Stephen Wicks has secured one of his greatest achievements, but says it is all about giving back.

The regional general manager of Mirvac Hotels and Resorts has been appointed to the board of the Western Australian Tourism Commission.

Mr Wicks described the two-year tenure as a coveted career achievement, saying it meant a “great deal”.

“This new position will allow me to put back into an industry that has given me so many wonderful experiences and opportunities during the past 25 years,” he said.

The role will involve helping guide the overall strategic direction of Tourism Western Australia, determining standards of operation and delegating operational decision-making to staff.

Mr Wicks said Western Australia had both challenges and great opportunities in marketing itself as a tourist destination.

“Some of the challenges are competing overseas destinations, training and education and costs of hotel and infrastructure development.

“The opportunities are found in the welcoming and friendly people, the hundreds of amazing locations, forests and fauna, marine parks, beaches, food and wine.”

Mr Wicks said he took his role as Adjunct Professor seriously, with involvement in the recent School of Tourism’s Industry Leaders Discussion Panel at the Hilton Hotel Brisbane.

“I am a strong believer in education. I love to teach, encourage and provide opportunities to the up-and-coming professionals I have the privilege to work with.”

Mr Wicks has more than 14 years experience in regional, state and international hotel operations and development, holding management roles in five-star hotels in Sydney, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Hong Kong and Vietnam.

His experience includes involvement in the design, tender and management contract negotiations for hotel projects in Perth, Mandurah and Port Hedland. He was also part of the Mirvac team that established Quay West Resort Bunker Bay in the Western Australia’s southwest as one of the premium five-star resort hotels in regional Australia.

Media: Stephen Wicks (08 9327 7019 or stephen_ wicks@mirvac.com)