17 May 2010

The University that developed the vaccination for cervical cancer and the next generation jet engine is now on iTunes U.

The University of Queensland today launched iTunes U to deliver free education content through the iTunes Store for students, staff and community.

UQ joins more than 300 schools across Australia and New Zealand who are using iTunes U to change the education landscape by focusing on the way the University delivers educational material and the way students are learning.

UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Debbie Terry said: "iTunes U increases UQ’s flexibility in delivering learning material tremendously as we can now provide content for people on the run to their iPod or iPhone, anytime, anywhere.

"By facilitating a content-rich environment, it is hoped The University of Queensland can enrich our community to keep pace with an ever changing world and remain competitive amidst a global economy.

"UQ’s lecturers and researchers have embraced the opportunity to contribute content to iTunes U to share their knowledge and work. Even marketing material will help students consider study options at The University of Queensland."

Highlights of the content you’ll find at UQ’s iTunes U:
• Why aren’t we all serial killers (Psychology)
• The Hyshot program (Mechanical and aerospace engineering)
• Innovation Leadership (Business)
• Can I read minds (Psychology)
• Tools of Modern Journalists – Part1 (Journalism)
• Performing a punch biopsy (Medicine)
• Up Magazine (Student showcase)
• Presentation Tips public speaking (Research at UQ)
• The Uni and You 1954 (UQ Library from the Vaults)
• Engineering an end to Influenza (Australian Institute for Bioengineering & Nanotechnology)

iTunes U is a dedicated area of the iTunes Store featuring free lectures, lab demonstrations, campus tours, and more. Users can search, download and play content with the same ease-of-use with which they download music, exploring world-class materials from top universities around the globe.

iTunes U is available in the iTunes Store and provides users with the ability to extend their learning, explore interests, learn more about universities and stay connected to an alma mater.

With Apple's ease-of-use, content from iTunes can be loaded to an iPhone, iPod or Mac with a single click, so users can experience on-the-go, anytime, anywhere learning - making learning from a lecture as simple as enjoying music, movies and TV.

To access UQ on iTunes U please visit: http://www.uq.edu.au/itunes/

For more information, contact:
Claire Groves
Information Technology Services
Phone: 0421 050 725 / Email: c.groves@uq.edu.au