29 April 2010

Interested in learning about climate change? Come see Skeptical Science founder and UQ graduate John Cook speak about the realities of climate change Friday May 7.

UQ Climate for Change will run a series of events for Climate Reality Week May 3 -10.

Climate Reality Week, a national event put on by the Australian Youth Climate Coalition, highlights current climate issues, the future of climate change and the power of youth involvement.

“Climate Reality Week at UQ is about getting the message out to students,” Climate for Change organizer Megan Evans said.

“Our aim is to empower students through knowledge and share ideas for how they can make a positive difference on campus, in their lives and in the wider community.”

Members will be raising climate awareness through activities and an information stall on Wednesday May 5 from 10-2pm on the Grassy Knoll, near the Great Court, at the St. Lucia campus.

A seminar given by John Cook will be held in the Social Sciences Building Room S304 Friday May 7 from 12-1pm.

Cook will discuss the value of real scientific skeptacism and will examine evidence for climate change and its human causes.

A discussion panel will follow; speakers include John Cook, Professor Ove Hoegh Director of the Global Change Institute (GCI) and members from UQ Climate for Change.

“Our generation is the one who will have to live in a changed world,” Climate for Change organiser Jessica Walsh said.

“It is crucial that young people are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attitudes we need to actively shape our future.”

UQ Climate for Change aims to create a systemic ‘Sustainability Plan’ based on climate issues and facilitate its integration into UQ’s research, operations, teaching and outreach. The group also acts as the student representative for the university’s new Global Change Institute.

“UQ Climate for Change and the GCI are actively collaborating on initiatives that aim to increase awareness and student involvement on campus, through events, outreach and communications,” Evans said.

For more information about Climate Reality Week contact Megan Evans at m.evans1@uq.edu.au
Media: Allison Rock at UQ Communications (07 3365 2619 or Allison.rock@uqconnect.edu.au)