PhD student Mohammed Raquilbul Hossain
PhD student Mohammed Raquilbul Hossain
23 November 2009

New UQ research into how stainless steel may be used to reduce damage to buildings during an earthquake will be presented at the Universitas 21 Graduate Research Conference in November.

PhD candidate Mohammed Raquibul Hossain, from the School of Civil Engineering, is one of 60 research higher degree students from around the world chosen to present their research at the Sustainable Cities for the Future conference, to be held at The University of Melbourne, The River Room at South Bank and UQ’s Duchesne College.

Mr Hossain’s research focuses on designing modern structures able to absorb the earthquake energy, remain functional after the disaster strikes and require minimum maintenance.

“Passive earthquake control devices can offer a sustainable solution to this problem by absorbing a significant amount of earthquake energy without causing any significant damage to the parent structure,” he said.

“The focus of my research is to evaluate the performance of a recently proposed Yielding Shear Panel Device (YSPD) and to enhance its performance by exploiting the pronounced ductility of stainless steel – a so-called ‘green construction material’.”

Co-hosted by the Graduate Schools of UQ and the University of Melbourne, the conference (November 29 – December 5) will include addresses by UQ Vice-Chancellor Professor Paul Greenfield and UQ Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, director of UQ’s new Global Change Institute and an expert in marine science.

UQ economist Professor John Quiggin will give a keynote presentation on the integral role of energy and water distribution to the operation of cities.

The conference will provide an inclusive, multi-disciplinary context to examine issues of the sustainability of cities on topics including energy, water, the built environment, cultural, historical and social issues, human health, transport and the natural environment.

UQ research higher degree students from population health, social science, tourism, and geography, planning and environmental management will also participate in the event.

Media: Tony Miscamble, UQ Graduate School manager ( or 07 3365 8846)