16 October 2009

A joint University of Queensland and Bana Yarralji Bubu Inc. film that celebrates the heritage of the Kuku Nyungkal people from Shipton’s Flat (near Cooktown) will be launched at Home Rule, Rossville on Thursday October 22.

With assistance from the Queensland Government’s Q150 Community Funding Program, and the Australian Government’s Marine and Tropical Sciences Research Facility, the UQ’s School of Integrative Systems researcher Dr Kirsten Maclean, UQ Boilerhouse Community Engagement Centre staff member Mr Josh Darrah, and the Bana Yarralji Bubu Inc. have produced a film that celebrates Kuku Nyungkal heritage and connection to country.

Dr Maclean said one of the aims of the film was to celebrate Queensland’s Indigenous heritage by sharing historical and contemporary stories, music and images of Kuku Nyungkal connection to their country, with the wider Queensland and Australian public.

"We are very excited about this production as it was developed through a strong partnership with the Bana Yarralji Bubu Inc. and members of the Kuku Nyungkal community," Helen Ross, Professor of Rural Community Development, School of Integrative Systems, said.

Nyungkal warra bama: Bubuingu Dungan-Dungay-Baja will be launched by The Honourable Jason O’Brien, State Member for Cook, at Home Rule on Thursday. Guest speakers will include Mrs Marilyn Wallace, Kuku Nyungkal Elder and Bana Yarralji Bubu Inc representative and UQ Boilerhouse Director Associate Professor Michael Cuthill.

Associate Professor Cuthill said the purpose of the Boilerhouse, based at UQ Ipswich, was to facilitate just and sustainable community outcomes.

"To achieve this purpose, the Centre engages with diverse stakeholders from the private, public, and community sectors in developing informed and collaborative responses to both existing and emerging community issues."

From early December Nyungkal warra bama: Bubuingu Dungan-Dungay-Baja will be available online via the UQ Boilerhouse (www.uq.edu.au/boilerhouse) and Reef and Rainforest Research Council (http://www.rrrc.org.au) websites and at selected libraries.

2009 is Queensland's 150th year of independence from New South Wales.