23 February 2009

University of Queensland academics are available to help analyse political issues in the lead up to the State election on March 21.

Political science

Dr Ian Ward (07 3365 2662, i.ward@uq.edu.au) — political advertising, political parties and elections, political campaigning methods and technologies, and mass media and politics.

Dr Rae Wear (07 3365 2090, r.wear@uq.edu.au) — political leadership, populism, State and Federal politics, the National Party and rural politics.

Associate Professor Geoff Dow (07 3365 3103, geoff.dow@uq.edu.au) — economic policy debates (taxation, wages, industrial policy), political sociology (state intervention, state institutions, social democracy, state capacity) and the political economy.


Dr Graeme Orr (07 3365 3014, 0434 525 398, email: g.orr@law.uq.edu.au) — the rules of governing parties and elections.


Dr John Austin (07 3365 7329, 0431 806 353, j.austin@uq.edu.au) — former political reporter and former senior media adviser to two Queensland ministers.

Dr John Cokley (07 3365 3108, 0413 004 138, j.cokley@uq.edu.au) —specialises in citizen journalism, new-media approaches to journalism, and different communities on the internet.


Professor Tim Brailsford (07 3365 6775, t.brailsford@uq.edu.au) — General business, state of the economy, impact on higher education sector

Associate Professor Frank Alpert (3365 8283, 07 3356 408 — use of social networking as a campaign tool

Professor Ken Wiltshire (07 3365 2733, 0418 713 593, k.wiltshire@uq.edu.au) — Australian government and administration, Public policy processes & governance. Comparative government, especially Canada & Europe. Intergovernmental relations and new federalism, completion policy, microeconomic reform. Government/Business Relations, Privatisation, corporatisation, regulation.

Dr Stephen Jones (07 3365 2995, s.jones@business.uq.edu.au) — Public policy, renewable energy. Examination of the theoretical aspects of the policy process in the Australian federal system. Using case study methodology to assess the formulation of policy to expand the renewable energy industry through cooperative arrangements established by the Council of Australian Governments. Climate change: adaptation and mitigation measures Comparative examination of policy measures by local governments in both the Australian and international context Urban policy: The role of governments in managing the development of cities and urban environments to encourage innovation and creativity and identify ways to reduce the impact of climate change. Public Policy, Education. Public policy, education: New Federalism reforms of the Rudd Government and their impact on education policy and the role of ministerial councils.

Dr Tom Bramble (07 3365 6233, t.bramble@business.uq.edu.au) — Industrial relations policy.


One of Australia's leading and most widely published economists, Professor John Quiggin (0400 485 202, 07 3346 9646, j.quiggin@uq.edu.au) is an expert in many areas of Australian economic policy, also in climate change and water issues.

Other economics experts include Professor John Mangan (0409 879 239, 07 3365 6312, j.mangan@economics.uq.edu.au), who can comment on labour economics, industrial economics, taxation policy and state and regional economics.

Dr Bruce Littleboy (07 3365 6573, b.littleboy@economics.uq.edu.au) is an expert on macroeconomics, economic philosophy, economics and culture, interest rates and political economy.

More UQ experts can be found at: www.uq.edu.au/uqexperts

Media: UQ’s School of Political Science and International Studies (07 3365 3043)
UQ's School of Economics (07 3365 6570)
UQ Business School (Cathy Stacey — 07 3365 6179, 0434 074 372)
Jan King at UQ Communications (07 3361120)