11 December 2007

University of Queensland graduates under the age of 25 and available for full-time work have again achieved outstanding employment rates and high graduate salaries.

Graduate Careers Australia's Australian Graduate Survey 2007 released today December 11 reveals that University of Queensland graduates continued to be highly sought by employers.

In the national performance figures compiled by the Federal Government, the University had achieved a full-time employment rate for bachelor degree graduates for 2006 of 85.7 percent against the national full-time employment figure of 84.5 percent.

Over an extended period, the University has had 5 percent of its graduates recorded as unemployed and seeking full-time employment in the Graduate Destination Survey.

UQ graduates reported high full-time employment rates in fields such as civil engineering (100 percent); medicine (100 percent); mining engineering (100 percent); pharmacy (100 percent); urban/regional planning (100 percent); veterinary science (100 percent); rehabilitation (97.6 percent); and dentistry (95 percent).

The figures for UQ bachelor degree graduates in further full-time study represented 23.7 percent against a national figure of 20.0 percent.

UQ bachelor degree graduates in their first full-time employment (and under 25 years of age) reported median starting salaries of $43,000 for males and $41,000 for females.

Of those in their first full-time employment, the higher end salaries included geology, dentistry, mining engineering, medicine, physical sciences, chemical engineering, aeronautical engineering.

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