5 December 2007

For 22-year-old Bachelor of Environmental Management (Natural Systems and Wildlife) graduate Emily Rogers, studying at the University of Queensland’s Gatton campus has opened up a world of opportunity.

She will receive her degree at a graduation ceremony on Friday, December 7, in the Gatton Gymnasium for UQ's Faculty of Natural Resources, Agriculture and Veterinary Science.

After transferring from St Lucia, where she competed her first year of studies, Emily quickly found herself getting deeply involved in her discipline and some of its exciting developments around the world.

“There were opportunities flying at me left right and centre and some great hands-on subjects such as the vocational placement (work experience), which allowed me to gain skills and experience in my chosen field,” Emily said.

The biggest highlight of her new undertakings? An opportunity to travel to South Africa as part of an elective subject.

“The trip really opened my eyes to range of conservation issues that environmental managers face in South Africa and countries dealing with poverty and HIV/Aids,” she said.

“In the future I hope to use the skills I’ve gained from my four-year Bachelor of Environmental Management to work in developing communities across the world.”

As well as a range of flexible electives, the majority of programs available through the Gatton Campus also offer students the chance to undertake an extended vocational placement program. Emily completed her placement with the Queensland Murray Darling Committee (QMDC) in Toowoomba.

“My project was with the Land for Wildlife program. However, I took many opportunities to go out and participate in other field days, workshops and events; particularly things where I was able to interact with landholders, school children and other members of the QMDC team.

“I particularly enjoyed lending a hand with a river health survey, part of a larger river assessment of the Maranoa Balonne and Border Rivers catchments where information was gathered on river and riparian health and impacts of pollutants on in-stream organisms.

“My placement was an excellent opportunity to work in a team environment with a number of environmental professionals, each bringing different skills and knowledge to the table.”

During her degree, Emily also jumped at the chance to do some volunteer work on beautiful Fraser Island in her spare time. She worked with the ‘junior eco-rangers’ program at Kingfisher Bay Resort, supervising children and conducting a range of environmentally-focused activities such as bushwalking, bark painting, spotlighting and storytelling.

“If you are interested in the environment and conservation, consider studying Environmental Management at UQ Gatton. There are some really smart, switched on people studying at Gatton who I know will give it their all for conservation in Australia and around the world.”

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Further information/comment: Contact Emily Rogers (0423 317 813).