19 December 2006

Local Gatton students can now access a Bachelor of Business degree at The University of Queensland’s (UQ) Gatton Campus, saving them the costs of city living.

The Bachelor of Business (Sustainable Enterprise Management) program is designed for students seeking a professional business degree with a special emphasis on how businesses can compatibly achieve both profitability and sustainability.

According to Paul Dargusch, who coordinates the new program at Gatton, the Bachelor of Business (Sustainable Enterprise Management) is designed to equip students with the skills to assist them to face some of the greatest challenges facing Australian businesses today.

“Significant challenges, including issues such as the increasing price of fossil fuel, climate change and diminishing natural resources are evolving in an already complex environment where staying internationally competitive requires great skill and expertise,” Mr Dargusch said.

“But there are also immense opportunities and with Sustainable Enterprise Management comes exciting solutions such as new markets for environmentally sustainable products, improved business development techniques and better relationships between business and society.”

It is expected that the new Bachelor of Business program will also prove popular with students already planning to study at UQ Gatton, with the possibility of completing a dual degree with Applied Science providing the opportunity to combine practical study with a business degree.

UQ Gatton’s Applied Science program provides specialities in Agronomy; Environmental Tourism; Equine Science; Horticulture; Parks and Wildlife Management; Production Animal Science; Rangeland Management; Veterinary Technology; and Wildlife Science.

It is expected that graduates from this new program will establish careers in the private and public sectors, both within Australia and internationally.

Graduates could expect to find employment in: strategic consultancy; sales and marketing; international business development and international aid; new product development; natural resource management and conservation; banking, finance and insurance; government agencies; and policy development and analysis.

Graduates will be well qualified to work in many industries including energy; food and fibre; technology; advertising; mining; natural resource management; manufacturing; communications; and banking and finance.

The Bachelor of Business (Sustainable Enterprise Development) is being offered for the first time in 2007. More information can be obtained by calling UQ Gatton on 1800 642 093.

Media inquiries: Susanne Schick, UQ Gatton Campus (5460 1229, 0409 265 587).

Further information/comment: Paul Dargusch (5460 1691, 0438 626 333).