15 December 2006

Water professionals from around the world will look to Queensland for training in water resources management with the International WaterCentre (IWC) today launching a Masters program in Integrated Water Management.

A joint venture of four of Australia’s leading Universities – The University of Queensland, Griffith University, Monash University and the University of Western Australia – the IWC aims to improve the capacity of future leaders in water resource management to respond to the global water crisis.

“The course is about building the skill sets of water professionals, from both here and abroad to rise to the great challenges that water related problems pose to all of us,” said IWC Chair and UQ Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Paul Greenfield.

“The IWC recognises that water is a critical component of sustainable development essential for socioeconomic welfare and the mitigation of poverty, not to mention the imperatives of human and environmental health.”

The Masters program will be conducted over three semesters and hosted by UQ in Brisbane. Students will be able to enrol from July 2007.

It is aimed at mid career water industry professionals working both in Australia and overseas, and particularly in developing countries.

“Some of the most pressing issues facing developing countries are the need to balance water management with other human development imperatives,” Professor Greenfield said. “One of the specialisation streams of the second semester is devoted entirely to that question. Access to water is inextricably linked to improving health and reducing poverty.”

The course is comprised of a foundation semester in which the fundamentals of water science, sustainability, policy and governance are set out.

The second semester allows students to explore specialist topics including water planning and governance, supply and wastewater treatment, catchment and ecosystem health.

The third and final semester has students, under academic supervision, undertaking an integrated water management project aimed at consolidating the knowledge they have obtained through coursework.

A Graduate Diploma and Graduate Certificate in Integrated Water Management will also be offered through the centre.

“Our mission in offering these courses is to educate water professionals in multi-disciplinary responses to the global water crisis – at local, national and international levels.”

The International WaterCentre is an education, training and research centre dedicated to providing the most advanced water resource management skills and services in the world, specialising in the practical application of whole of water cycle management approaches at the local, national and global scale.

IWC is a joint venture partnership of Griffith University, Monash University, The University of Queensland and The University of Western Australia. IWC universities are ranked among the world’s leading educational institutions in teaching and research. IWC is supported by the State Government of Queensland, Australia. The IWC partnership includes the International Riverfoundation and the Southeast Queensland Healthy Waterways Partnership.

For more information on IWC Masters program visit: www.watercentre.org/education/masters

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