14 November 2005

UQ Business School academics were mentioned in proceedings when their US colleague Professor Michael R. Czinkota testified before the Congress of the United States this month.

Addressing the topic of International Marketing and Terrorism Preparedness, Professor Czinkota referred to collaborative research conducted in association with UQ Business School’s Dr John Steen and Professor Peter Liesch.

Professor Czinkota said his research investigated the effect of terrorism on companies in an effort to help them better prepare for such risks.

“Of particular note are the ongoing collaborative research activities of Professor Gary Knight, Florida State University, Professor Gabriele Suder of the Ceram Sophia Antipolis in France, Professors John Steen and Peter Liesch of The University of Queensland in Australia, and Shahed Amanullah of Georgetown University,” he said.

Dr John Steen said terrorism was the dark side of globalism.

“The paradox of the successes of global economic growth is that we have also created international trade and financial networks that can be targeted by the new international terrorism,” Dr Steen said.

Professor Czinkota is from McDonough School of Business, Faculty of Marketing and International Business, Georgetown University, Washington DC.

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