22 December 2004

The University of Queensland will share in funding totalling $267.64 million announced yesterday under the Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRC) program.

UQ will be a core or supporting partner in 9 of the 16 research centres valued at a total $407 million nationally announced by Federal Minister for Education, Science and Training Dr Brendan Nelson.

UQ will be a core partner in the following six new centres and centres developing from existing CRCs:

• Australasian Invasive Animal CRC (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $29.64 million. The CRC will focus on solving invasive animal pest problems. Contact: Dr Tony Peacock Phone: (02) 6242 1768.

• CAST CRC (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $33.5 million. The CAST CRC`s research willprovide competitive advantage to Australia`s light metal industry. Contact: Professor David StJohn, Phone: (07) 3365 3574.

• Cotton Catchment Communities CRC (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $26.5 million. The CRC will create economic prosperity integrated with the sustainable use of natural resources. Contact: Mr Guy Roth, Phone: (02) 6799 1500.

• CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $30 million. The CRC will improve beef industry capacity to deliver high quality beef to Australia`s global markets. Contact: Professor Bernie Bindon, Phone: (02) 6773 3501.

• CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (New) — funding: $30 million. The CRC aims to develop a risk-based approach to remediation leading to cost-effective solutions to environmental contamination. Contact: Professor Ravi Naidu, Phone: 0407 720 257.

• CRC for Polymers (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $32 million. The CRC will conduct research to deliver technically advanced polymeric materials and polymer engineering to transform Australian industries. Contact: Dr Ian Dagley, Phone: (03) 9558 8111.

UQ will also be a supporting partner in the following three CRCs:

• CRC for an Internationally Competitive Pork Industry (New) — funding: $25.75 million. The Centre will result in reduced production costs for high-quality pork. Contact: Assoc Professor Robert van Barneveld, Phone: (07) 5547 8611

• e-Water CRC (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $40.25 million.
The CRC builds on the successes of two existing CRCs – Catchment Hydrology and Freshwater Ecology. Contact: Professor Gary Jones, Phone: (02) 6201 5167.

• Parker CRC for Integrated Hydrometallurgy Solutions (developing from an existing CRC) — funding: $20 million. Hydrometallurgy plays an essential role in the production of alumina, gold, zinc, nickel and copper. Contact: Dr Steve Algie, Phone: (08) 9385 9969.

Acting Vice-Chancellor Professor David Siddle congratulated all CRC research centres on their outstanding success in attracting funding in the latest CRC round.

The CRC program brings together universities, research organisations, government agencies and industry.

Media: Further information, please contact Jan King at UQ Communications, 07 3365 1120.