10 October 2003

The University of Queensland (UQ) Senate has set out stringent conditions under which it will support the construction by the Brisbane City Council of a pedestrian, cycle and bus bridge between Dutton Park to, but not through, the University`s St Lucia campus.

The Senate resolution was agreed to without opposition at a meeting held on Thursday October 9.

UQ Vice-Chancellor Professor John Hay welcomed the decision which he said had been taken following full and constructive discussion among Senate members, and after joint workshops (charettes) were held between the Brisbane City Council and UQ.

Professor Hay said the Senate, in making its decision, had taken notice of the major access problems for students, staff and the wider community living on the south side of the Brisbane River who had to go through the city in order to get to the campus.

The Senate also took note of the severe and worsening traffic congestion on Coronation Drive and Sir Fred Schonell Drive in St Lucia and supported a truly green bridge to encourage the use of public transport to the campus.

"The Senate resolution makes it clear that the bridge can never be physically connected with the campus road network, and there will be no through-running bus service connected to the campus or to the suburb of St Lucia," Professor Hay said.

He said the Senate resolution also called on the Brisbane City Council to explain the proposal to local residents and community groups and to consult with local communities in St Lucia and Dutton Park on the potential impact.

The Brisbane City Council (BCC) is expected to complete its Impact Assessment Study on the proposed "Green Bridge" following the UQ Senate decision.

He said the Senate also strongly urged the BCC to commit to a timetable for the construction of two pedestrian/cycle bridges from West End and Yeronga to UQ.

"We need multiple, environmentally friendly crossings to the University which is one of the most significant destination points in Brisbane," Professor Hay said.

The Senate resolution said Senate resolved to:

(a) "strongly support the construction of pedestrian/cycle bridges from West End and Yeronga to the St Lucia Campus and urges the BCC to commit to timetables for such bridges;

(b) accept the concept of a pedestrian/cyclist/bus bridge from Dutton Park to the Dutton Park Ferry Car Park on the St Lucia campus provided that

(i) the bridge, now and in the future, has no physical connection with the campus road network and that there will be no through-running bus services;

(ii) cars, taxis and trucks are permanently excluded from using the bridge;

(iii) the design of the bridge and of the bus station complies with, and is sympathetic to, the University`s campus planning and design standards;

(iv) there is no cost to the University for the construction of the bridge/bus station or associated works on campus;

(v) the BCC, State Government and the University sign legally binding agreements which give effect to these conditions prior to developed design and require unanimous agreement of the parties to any changes to that agreement with any such proposals for change being reported to the Senate;

(c) support the establishment of a Joint Management Committee to monitor and oversee the project;

(d) urge the BCC, as constructing authority, to take immediate steps to explain the proposal to local residents and community groups and consult with them on the potential impact of the proposal on local communities in St Lucia and Dutton Park."

October 9, 2003