8 December 1999

Union's results ban fails - UQ Vice-Chancellor

Bans on student results imposed by a very small group of NTEU members at The University of Queensland had failed, Vice-Chancellor Professor John Hay said.

The bans had been imposed as part of an industrial campaign by the NTEU to achieve a pay increase. Professor Hay said the decision to lift the bans resulted from the very limited support by the University's academic staff.

"The University welcomes the decision of the union. This reprehensible action by a small group of union members had made victims of students," Professor Hay said .

Thirty-six of the University's 2000 academic staff had voted on Monday to impose bans on results, an action which had temporarily affected about 250 students. Yet almost all results for graduating students had been uploaded by today, signalling the collapse of the union action.

"No doubt the executive realised its support among staff was dwindling," Professor Hay said.

The Australian Industrial Relations Commission yesterday ordered staff at the University of Woollongong who had been involved in a similar action, to lift bans on student results until 7 January 2000.

Further information: UQ Director of Marketing and Communications Meredith Jackson telephone 3365 6060 or 0413 458 317.