3 December 1998

University among national leaders in postgraduate awards

The University of Queensland has improved its share of the Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs) with stipends announced in the 1999 round.

The Department of Education, Training and Youth Affairs has advised the University has received 143 APAs with stipends, 9.2 percent of the total 1550 awards with stipends made to Australian universities and other institutions for 1999.

The University has maintained its national ranking by securing the third-highest number of Awards.

In 1998, the University received 143 APAs with stipends representing 8.9 per cent of a total 1595 awards with stipends.

National comparative data indicated that the University of Melbourne received top ranking with 166 APAs with stipends, and Sydney University was in second position with 147 awards.

The stipend is $16,135 a year with additional allowances to cover travel, thesis production and relocation.

The Australian Postgraduate Awards scheme encouraged people with exceptional research promise to undertake a higher degree to help meet Australia's need for highly skilled researchers.

Overall, the University of Queensland received 2100 APAs (including those both with and without stipends) compared to 2075 for 1998. The University of Melbourne received 2419 and the University of Sydney 2381.

In Queensland awards were made to:
o the University of Queensland, 2100 (143 with stipends);
o Griffith University, 541 (33 with stipends);
o Queensland University of Technology, 501 (31 with stipends);
o James Cook University of North Queensland, 409 (25 with stipends);
o Central Queensland University, 99 (6 with stipends); and
o the University of Southern Queensland, 84 (5 with stipends).

The University of Queensland also received 29 International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) - the second highest number awarded for 1999 after the University of New South Wales (34) - and three International Exchange Program grants.

For further information, contact the Dean, Postgraduate Studies, Dr Alan Lawson, telephone 3365 3477.