18 December 1997

Extensive environmental testing by an independent consultant has ruled out the workplace as the source of Legionella bacteria which caused a University of Queensland staff member to become ill.

University Director of Occupational Health and Safety Barry Pratt said test results of recent samples taken from the staff member's work environment, including the airconditioning system, were all negative to legionella bacteria.

Mr Pratt said the test results confirmed the safety of the staff member's workplace and the effectiveness of the rigorous University-wide schedule of preventive maintenance in excess of the Australian standard AS3666 against microbial infection.

The staff member is recuperating well and has not needed hospitalisation.

Mr Pratt said staff would now return to work areas from which they had been relocated as a precautionary measure.

For further information, contact Mr Pratt, telephone 07 3365 2563, a/h 3367 1456.