10 December 1997

The University of Queensland has attracted 10 new fellowships in the 1998 Australian Research Council (ARC) fellowships round, the third highest number of fellowships funded nationally.

This represents an increase of one on the nine new fellowships awarded in 1997.

The Federal Government allocated a total of $674,892 to the University of Queensland for 1998.

The most prestigious awards offered in the scheme are Senior Research Fellowships awarded to researchers who have made the most outstanding contributions to research in their field.

The University of Queensland has attracted two of only 15 of these fellowships offered nationally for 1998.

The University also attracted six Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellowships and two Australian Research Fellowships.

This year's round had an 11.8 percent success rate nationally, with only 100 of the 851 applicants achieving funding.

The University of Queensland's success rate was 15.4 percent, which compared favourably with the success rate for the University of Melbourne (8.8 percent) and the University of Adelaide (10.2 percent).

This year the most successful institutions in terms of total grant numbers were: Australian National University, 18 awards; University of Sydney, 15 awards; University of Queensland, 10 awards; University of New South Wales, nine awards; and Monash University, nine awards.

University of Queensland recipients and their awards were:

Six Australian Postdoctoral Research Fellowships, out of the 55 national total, with funding for three years, were awarded to:

- Dr Christine Beveridge (Botany Department), for a project entitled A mutant-based study of the regulation of cytokinin levels and control of apical dominance in plants ($40,007 for 1998);

- Dr Rosalie Boyce (Management Department) - When health professionals meet the market: Professional autonomy, expertise and organisation in the age of public sector contracting ($38,589 for 1998);

- Linda Bromham (Zoology Department) - Effect of rate variation on molecular phylogenetic analysis of the evolution of the Australian rainforest biota ($38,589 for 1998);

- Dr Ian Dodd (Botany Department) - Which root signals control pea leaf growth under nitrogen deprivation? ($38,589 for 1998);

- Dr Michael Jennions (Zoology Department) - Variation in male courtship, sexual ornamentation and condition-dependence among populations of the rainbowfish, Melanotaenia Splendida ($38,589 for 1998);

- Susan Keay (Earth Sciences Department) - Dating Australian regolith ($38,589 for 1998).

Two Australian Research Fellowships, out of the 30 national total, with funding for three years, were awarded to:

- Dr Richard Carson (Human Movement Studies Department) - The acquisition of human co-ordination ($51,780 for 1998). Dr Carson also received a QEII Fellowship, awarded to top applicants in this category;

- Dr Jianxin Zhao (Earth Sciences Department)- High-precision U-Th disequilibrium dating of palaeoclimatic, archaeological and palaeovolcanic indicators by thermal ionisation mass spectrometry (TIMS) ($43,604 for 1998).

Two Senior Research Fellowships, each supported for five years were awarded to:

- Professor Duong Do (Chemical Engineering Department) - The role of micropore and mesopore size distributions on the multicomponent equilibria and kinetics on activated carbon ($82,847 for 1998);

- Dr Ruibin Zhang (Mathematics Department) - Quantum groups, non-commutative geometry and applications ($53,417 for 1998).

For further information, contact University Director of Research Jan Massey, (telephone 07 3365 3640).