18 December 1997

The University of Queensland is to launch what is believed to be Australia's first postgraduate degree in international economics and finance - a reflection of the increasing internationalisation of trade and industry.

The one-year, three-semester, full-time new masters degree will have a strong research component and will be offered by the University's Faculty of Business, Economics and Law in 1999.

Professor Clem Tisdell, head of the Department of Economics, said Australia was becoming increasingly integrated into the global economy in trade, investment and services, including financial services.

He said it was important that Australia increase its expertise in these areas.

"We expect considerable demand from Australian professionals for this degree," Professor Tisdell said.

"In addition, awareness is increasing of the important international economic links in Asian countries and the degree will help cater for overseas students from Asia and elsewhere," he said.

In offering the postgraduate degree, the University of Queensland joins the ranks of a select group of leading international universities which offer a similar postgraduate course: Brandeis University, Venice International University, the University of Amsterdam and the University of London.

"Our research of employers has shown that students need to demonstrate report writing skills, the ability to work independently and to communicate effectively," Professor Tisdell said.

He said he expected the course to be particularly popular with young or mid-career professionals who had not previously studied economics but were holders of a recognised undergraduate degree or equivalent.

"It will also provide scope for twinning arrangements with overseas universities, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region," he said.

Professor Tisdell said the course catered for the growing demand for postgraduate studies in economics and applied economics subjects, reflected by the steady increase in postgraduate enrolments in economics at the University of Queensland from approximately 40 in 1987 to over 140 in 1997.

He said he believed the University now ran the largest single graduate school of economics in Australia and one of the largest, and most respected, internationally.

For further information, please call Professor Clem Tisdell on (07) 3365 6242 or after hours on (07) 3379 4802