15 December 1997

Summer School at the University of Queensland, from January 12 to 18, is offering more than two dozen courses spanning a huge range of subjects.

Expert tutors will cover topics as diverse as Celtic myth and fantasy fiction to appreciating and collecting Australian art.

Other classes will be looking at such subjects as convict lives, creative writing, meditation, drawing, assertiveness, philosophy, computers, classical music and setting up a small business.

The school also offers an opportunity to experience a little world 'travel' with classes on art in New York, historic houses and gardens of England, Renaissance art in Tuscany, plus courses on travel writing and photography.

Booklets are available with full details of the day-long and afternoon classes. These will be held at the St Lucia campus in the Joyce Ackroyd Building, Blair Drive, with morning and afternoon teas provided.

The Summer School is organised by the University's Community Education section which provides short courses for the public throughout the year.

For more information, contact Tina Fiegel (telephone 3365 6739)