24 April 1997

The University of Queensland soon expects to announce a second round of adjunct professors to be appointed from second semester 1997.

A meeting to discuss appointments will be held in mid-May, with successful candidates announced possibly in July, 1997.

Last year University Vice-Chancellor Professor John Hay announced an expanded adjunct professorial program to achieve a more active interchange of ideas and increased co-operation between the University and the professions, industry and the wider community.

In the first official round announced from October, 20 adjunct professors were offered appointment in a number of University departments. The original intention was to appoint up to two per department.

Professor Hay said adjunct professors were people recognised by their peers in the profession, business community or public sector as persons of distinction and high achievement.

'These community decision makers and opinion leaders will be encouraged to work closely with the University for mutual benefit - not simply to lecture or teach, but to help shape new directions in research, consultancy and syllabus development,' Professor Hay said.

'We want the University to work more closely with the community to help create the new intellectual products this State and country will need.'

Adjunct professors contribute to the work of departments in a wide variety of ways agreed to by Executive Deans in consultation with the relevant heads of departments/Directors of Centres.

Professor Hay said University policy had been developed to cover the process for adjunct academic appointments at all levels, to include organisations, groups and individuals who were contributing, or had the potential to make significant contributions to the work of the University at the level of appointment proposed.

People appointed to adjunct positions often held simultaneously an appropriate position in another organisation, in government or in the private sector. Such appointments did not normally carry remuneration from the University. Adjunct appointments were made for a maximum of three years, unless a case for reappointment was made and approved.

Appointments and reappointments of adjunct academic staff up to the level of Associate Professor are approved by the relevant Executive Dean, on the recommendation made by a head of department or the Director of a research centre.

Appointments and reappointments of adjunct staff at professorial level are recommended by a committee of senior University staff. Adjunct professors appointed in the University's first round were:

- Dr Bryan Cox, general manager, R and D, Goodman Fielder Ingredients Ltd (to the University's Chemical Engineering Department);

- Dr John Fenwick, executive director, Technology and Environment Division, Main Roads (Civil Engineering Department);

- Dr John Ness, managing director, MITEC Limited (Electrical and Computer Engineering Department);

- Alan Gillespie, chief executive officer, AUSTA (Electrical and Computer Engineering Department);

- Dr Gordon Pike, manager, satellite planning, Optus Communications (Mechanical Engineering Department);

- Dr Colin Adam, deputy chief executive, CSIRO (Mining, Minerals and Materials Engineering Department);

- Dr Peter Hatherly, principal research geophysicist, CSIRO Exploration and Mining (Earth Sciences Department);

- Dr Brian Billard senior principal research scientist, information technology division, Defence Science and Technology Organisation (School of Information Technology);

- Norman Fussell, chairman and director of numerous Australian companies (Graduate School of Management);

- Dr Adam Graycar, director, Australian Insitute of Criminology (Social Work and Social Policy Department);

- Dr Dale Spender, author and feminist (Social Work and Social Policy Department, Vice-Chancellor's Office and University Library);

- Dr David Rutledge, chief executive, Queensland Sugar Corporation (Economics Department);

- Professor Sangkot Marzuki, director, Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology, Indonesia (Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology and Biochemistry Department);

- Dr Brian Hills, director, respiratory research centre, Mater Children's Hospital (Medicine Department);

- Dr Kenneth Ottenbacher, (Vice-Dean, School of Allied Health Sciences, University of Texas Medical Branch (Occupational Therapy Department);

- Dr Robert Stable, Director-General, Queensland Health (Health Sciences faculty);

- Dr Anthony Volpe, vice-president, clinical dental research and oral care, Colgate-Palmolive Technology Centre, New Jersey (Dentistry Department);

- Dr Richard Mills, artistic director, West Australian Opera (Music Department);

- Professor Susan Pond, Director of Pharmaceutical Research, Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Ltd. (Department of Physiology & Pharmacology).

For further information, contact Professor Hay, telephone 07 3365 1300.