Moreton Bay Research Station offers dedicated research laboratories and stores as well as general use facilities including a library, computer and reading room, large adaptable teaching laboratories, seminar and boating and diving facilities. The station is equipped with a high speed microwave internet link with wireless access as well as scientific and field equipment and services. See our Equipment page for a pictorial index of available equipment.

If you are a UQ researcher and wish to install equipment on the station, you will need to seek approval. Read more about the Moreton Bay Research Station Equipment Installation process or speak with the Station Manager

For an overview of the Station layout please see the station floor plan (ground floor and first floor).

Research Laboratories

Moreton Bay Research Station has four research laboratories as well as two well stocked laboratory stores. Scientific equipment can be moved between laboratories as required. In addition to the research laboratories, MBRS also has a lecture theatre and two teaching laboratories which may be available for researcher use. Please see the Education Facilities page for further details.

Fume Hood Lab

This laboratory is equipped with a fixed laminar flow cabinet with sink, RO and Milli-Q water, laboratory fridge and conventional fridge-freezer, microfuge, analytical balances, bench space and chemical storage cabinets. A -80°C freezer is available in the adjacent hallway.

Controlled Temperature Laboratory

The CT Lab can be utilised for experiments requiring light and/or temperature control. The lab contains bench, laboratory sink and storage space. Sea water can be pumped up to the laboratory sink and this room can be utilised as a wet lab.

Microscope and Equipment Laboratory

A number of research grade compound microscopes are housed in this lab including suitable attachments for light and dark field, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy.

Digital camera attachments and computer interface for microscopy are also available.

General Research Laboratory

The General Research Laboratory or GR Lab is an adaptable laboratory space which provides ample bench and storage space for research. The bench centrifuge, spectrophotometer, autoclave, portable fume hood cabinet, drying oven and incubator and chemical storage cabinets are housed here.

Wet Laboratory/Aquarium system

The Wet Laboratory is a chemical-free laboratory space containing a large, closed indoor saltwater aquarium (~20,000L re-circulating system) as well as bench space, laboratory sinks and two large dissection tables immediately outside the laboratory. Bench space can be utilised for either salt or freshwater tanks requiring isolation from the main aquarium system. The main system has three large tanks (1,000, 4,000 and a 12,000L tanks). In addition, three racks can house up to 12 standard tanks per rack. Racks can be dismantled and replaced by two 400L round or 2 x 1,000L oval tanks or other tanks as required. A 1,000L self-contained aquarium is also available and can be either isolated or connected to the main system.

Water of a high quality is maintained through regular water changes (salt water pumped from Moreton Bay) and daily water quality monitoring. Staff provide researchers and groups with assistance in housing, caring and feeding of research animals.

Library/Computer Room

This multifunctional room contains modern computers, high speed internet (microwave link) and Wi-Fi, networked printer and scanner, data projector and screen and a whiteboard. It also houses the Stradbroke Island Collection, a subsidiary library of the University of Queensland, containing books, videos/DVDs, educational CD-ROMs, theses and internet access to on-line journals and a reference-only library as well as a great collection of local island publications.

Lab and Field Equipment, Stores

The Station is well supplied with general laboratory and field equipment. The researchers have twenty-four hour access to laboratory stores.  See our Equipment page for a pictorial index of available equipment.