Tactical Plan

The University of Queensland owns and operates two island research stations, Moreton Bay Research Station and Heron Island Research Station. The Faculty of Science and its Research Stations aim to support fundamental advances in scientific research and provide advanced and interactive teaching programs for scientific minds. The activities of the Research Stations will be communicated to engage with the local and global community and encourage and facilitate national and international collaboration. You can read more about the Stations' vision for the future in the Marine Research Station Tactical Plan 2015-2018.

Moreton Bay Research Station

Moreton Bay Research Station is located on North Stradbroke Island, providing direct access to the waters of Moreton Bay and the Pacific Ocean as well as the unique terrestrial environments of the 27,700 hectare sand island. Lying on the convergence of the eastern Australian sub-tropical and temperate zones, North Stradbroke Island and the surrounding waters support an incredibly diverse range of terrestrial, coastal and marine ecosystems on which to base research and education activities. 

The Station offers a range of accommodation, modern research laboratories, teaching space and lecture theatres, boating and diving facilities and an exceptional location attracting scientists and academics from around the world each year.