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Check out a short film by the Global Change Institute featuring interviews conducted on Heron Island with Great Barrier Reef scientists and Sir David Attenborough.

In 2014, Earth Hour shone a light on one of the world's most loved - and vulnerable - places: The Great Barrier Reef. Heron Island is one of the locations featured in the Earth Hour documentary which aired on Channel 10. Watch the video and get involved at


 Each year researchers flock to HIRS to witness and study the coral spawning event. The annual spawning gives researchers an opportunity to study the effects of the changing environment on the reef life.

Coral Reef Habitat Mapping and Monitoring. A short documentary on the field component of the coral reef habitat mapping research. Created by Djoy Roelfsema, with footage from Dr. Javier Leon & Dr. Karen Joyce (drones), Dr. Chris Roelfsema (underwater) and Djoy Roelfsema (above and underwater) for the Remote Sensing Research Centre at School of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Check out a short film by Tourism Queensland featuring past Heron Island Research Station staff member Lauren Bailey.


Click on the photos for more images of the local flora and fauna on Heron Island. 

Image of a white egret Image of a lion fish Image of a tree Image of a star fish Image of a turtle