Friday, February 3, 2017 - 09:45

We have been advised that there will be additional changes to the freight barge schedule this year. For some months of the year the freight barge will run fortnightly instead of weekly. Below are the proposed freight barge dates. Please note that the dates listed below are the dates the barge will make its run to and from the island. Items should continue to be delivered to the Barge Yard (11 Rooksby St) by the Tuesday preceding the run date.


Thursday the 6th  

Wednesday the 19th


Thursday the 3rd 

Thursday the 17th

Wednesday the 30th


Wednesday the 13th

Thursday the 21st

Thursday the 28th


Thursday the 5th

Thursday the 19th


Thursday the 2nd

Thursday the 16th

Thursday the 30th


Thursday the 7th

Thursday the 14th

Thursday the 21st 

Thursday the 28th


Freight barge dates are subject to change so we strongly advise you to contact Scientific ( or Administration Staff ( to confirm the dates prior to arranging freight deliveries. We are aware that the reduction in run dates will cause some logistical challenges for many of you. Should you have any issues please contact HIRS Staff and they will assist you with the best options for your freight.