The University values its staff and recognises the importance of appropriately supporting staff to prepare for a period of parental and adoption leave. The University provides leave, flexible work arrangements, support services and networks to assist staff in preparing for a period of parental and adoption leave. These are outlined below.

Parental and adoption leave

The University provides generous parental and adoption leave for staff. Information about the parental and adoption leave you may be able to access can be found in the Parental and Adoption Leave procedure.

Pre-natal leave

In accordance with the Parental and Adoption leave procedure, staff may be able to access leave to attend appointment/s directly related to their pregnancy. A staff member whose partner is pregnant may also be able to access carers leave to attend appointment, in accordance with the relevant policy and procedures

Parking permits for pregnant staff

At St Lucia and Herston, staff who are pregnant and have a current annual Staff Undercover parking permit, may – at no additional cost – upgrade their permit to a special needs permit that allows more flexibility in their parking options from the time they are 16 weeks pregnant until they depart on parental leave six weeks prior to the birth of their child. This allows pregnant staff flexibility to park closer to their work location where available. Please refer to Property and Facilities for more information.

Transfer to a safe job during pregnancy

In accordance with the parental and adoption leave procedure, a staff member may need to tranfer to a safe job during their pregnancy. In the event a registered medical practitioner advises a pregnant staff member that there may be illness or risks arising out of the pregnancy, or hazards connected with the work assigned to the staff member, where practicable, the staff member will be transferred to a safe job at their normal salary rate.

Breastfeeding network

The UQ Breastfeeding Network aims to provide an opportunity for women who are breastfeeding or expressing, who have breastfed or have an interest in breastfeeding, to meet other women in the same position. The program aims to provide a network that will support each other, provide advice and information about breastfeeding and provide feedback to Workplace Diversity and Inclusion. 

Flexible work arrangements

The University provides a number of different flexible working arrangements to cater for the individual needs of staff members. These options can be discussed, and where appropriate current working arrangements may be adjusted, to suit all parties. Flexibility makes it easier for staff to accept and meet personal, family or carer obligations while maintaining career progression and workplace satisfaction.

Flexible work arrangements refer to changes in hours of work (e.g. reduction in hours worked, changes to start/finish times), changes in patterns of work (e.g. working 'split-shifts' or job sharing arrangements) and changes in location of work (e.g. working from home or another location).

For more information about the flexible work arrangements available at UQ, and how to apply, please see the Flexible working arrangements policy.

Planning for return to work

The University values its staff and recognises the importance of appropriately supporting staff return to work from a period of parental and adoption leave. The University provides a number of support services, flexible work arrangements, leave and networks to support staff to return to work from a period of parental leave. The University also recognises the important role that supervisors have in appropriately supporting their staff prepare for, and return from, a period of parental leave. To support supervisors support staff the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Unit have developed some best practice Return to Work Informaiton Guides, which provide information on the policies, programs and support available to staff to assist their return to work, following a period of parental and adoption leave, to be as smooth, stress-free and supported as possible, and to foster career development as is appropriate. 

For more informaiton, and to access these best practice informaiton guides for staff and supervisors, please see the Return to Work page.


For more information, you may talk to your supervisor, local HR staff and/or Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

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