About the EO Online training program

Equal Opportunity Online (EO Online) is an interactive equity and diversity training program. EO Online has been developed especially for Australian universities, customised for Queensland legislation and for the policies and procedures of The University of Queensland. It comprises two modules, each of which should take from 45 minutes to one hour to complete.* 

  • Module 1  What you need to know
  • Module 2  Managers and Supervisor

All new staff at The University of Queensland are required to complete Module 1 of EO Online. It is recommended that you review the EO Online material every two years as a refresher to keep up-to-date with legislative and policy changes. Staff with a supervisory or management role are required to complete both modules.

How to complete EO Online

Access the program at EO Online and follow the instructions to complete the assessment. 

Once you have completed the assessment you will need to register your completion. Follow the instruction and please provide your:

  • Name. 
  • Employee number.
  • Organisation unit.
  • UQ email address.

The program produces an acknowledgement certificate, which should be printed for your records.

Please contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion for this information, or if you have any other problems accessing the program or registering your completion of a module.

Reports for Managers

Reports of EO Online completions are available in the MIS Reportal. Managers and supervisors can access these reports (data is limited to their Aurion permission level) as follows:

  1. Log on to the MIS Reportal site.
  2. Select the Staff > Admin > EO Online Alerter Report.

Reports available within the EO Online Alerter Report include:

  • EO Online completions summary.
  • Details by employment type.
  • Details by classification type.

If necessary, it is possible to log out of EO Online before fully completing a module. You can use your browser to 'bookmark' the page you were working on and return to it when convenient.