University Strategic Plan

The University of Queensland Strategic Plan 2014-2017 outlines a number of diversity and inclusion engagement initiatives, to reach the University's goal of ensuring all its relationships are mutually beneficial and positively influence society.

The University of Queensland’s commitment to engagement with equity, diversity and inclusion matters involves:

  • Ensuring UQ is a safe, culturally embracing environment.
  • Forging strategic, respectful partnerships with Indigenous communities and actively contribute to Closing the Gap.
  • Valuing the diversity of sexualities and gender amongst staff.
  • Committing to providing a more accessible institution for people with disabilities.
  • Focusing on engaging strategies to retain and promote women staff.

Staff Engagement Survey- Equity and Diversity

Thank you to all staff who participated in the 2014 online Staff Engagement Equity and Diversity survey. 821 staff responded to the survey. The results of this survey can be found in the Staff Engagement Equity and Diversity Report below. This report is shortly to be reviewed by the Senate Committee for Equity, Diversity and the Status of Women. Following this review a number of recommendations will be made and actioned by the appropriate areas of the University. Once these recommendations have been finalised they will be reflected in the report. If you have any feedback or questions, please contact the Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.

Staff Engagement Survey- Equity and Diversity

Image of the Great Court at UQ.