Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

For all staff related equity, diversity and inclusion enquiries please contact:

Associate Director, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion

Dr Dee Gibbon


(Dee works Monday-Thursday)

07 336 57543

Senior Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Manager (Acting)

Ms Jordan Tredinnick

07 334 60402

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Administration Assistant 

Mr Tarriaki Duncan

07 334 51140

Australian Indigenous Employment Coordinator

Mr Ashley Ibarra

07 336 52913

For all student related equity and diversity enquiries, please contact the UQ Student Union or Student Services.


Discrimination and Harassment Contact Officers (DHCOs) may be contacted by staff and students for assistance and information relating to discrimination, harassment or bullying concerns or complaints.

The UQ Ally Network is available for support and networking for gender and sexuality diverse students and staff.

Contact Us section

Contact a DHCO

Contact a DHCO

You may contact any one of the trained DHCOs for information and assistance at any of our campuses.

You are NOT restricted to the DHCO/s in your particular area. Please note that DHCOs are part-time volunteers whose role is to provide information about University processes. This does not in any way constitute legal advice.

If you are unsure or need more information please see here or contact Workplace Diversity and Inclusion.

DHCOs with an * are also a member of the UQ Ally Network. Members of the UQ Ally Network provide a 'safe zone' for students and staff identifying as LGBTI, and promote the University's commitment to developing a safe and inclusive work and study environment. Please see here for more information about the UQ Ally Network.

St Lucia

Office of Marketing and Communications

                Matthew Taylor- 336 52753

UQ Research and Innovation

                 Marie-Louise Johnson- 334 69109

Student Affairs Division

Student Services

               Marian Butler* - 336 56602

               Ingrid Riener -  336 51237

               Ruby Wallace - 334 61493

Student Centre

                Eunice Ngunu- 336 52600

                Jessica Roessler* - 336 52600

Student Employability Centre

               Paige McDonough - 336 51733 

Institute of Continuing TESOL Education

                Janet Flanagan - 334 66742

Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation

                 Sandra Hartas - 336 52692  

                 Peter Rutherford - 336  51916

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Tess Dobinson*- 334 64077  (Mon-Wed)
                            334 65904  (Thurs-Fri)

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

             Amanda Carozzi* - 334 62122

             Fernanda C Cardoso - 334 62722

Queensland Alliance For Agriculture and Food Innovation

Centre for Nutrition and Food Sciences

                Deirdre Mikkelsen- 334 69642

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

                Scott Tucker- 336 54713

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

School of Languages and Cultures

                Sol Rojas-Lizana*- 336 56718

                Rob Pensalfini* - 336 55245 

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

                Gilbert Burgh - 336 56348       

                Amelia Brown* -  336 56402

School of Social Science

              Heather Dixon - 336 53297

Faculty of Medicine

                Leanne Cronin- 336 55329

St Lucia Clinical School

               Amarjeet Kaur - 344 32047

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

                 Katie Gollschewski*- 336 53824

School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

                Jennifer Croud- 336 52809

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

                Karen Foster* - 334 67823

Advanced Water Management Centre

                 Sharon James - 334 67205

School of Chemical Engineering

                 Hayley Sycz*- 336 68723

Faculty of Science

School of Earth and Environmental Sciences

                Lia Whalley*- 334 67882‚Äč

School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

              Penelope Rayner - 336 54000

              Susan Rowland* - 336 53089

             Nancy Lachner - 336 54956

Susan is currently on secondment at the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation 


Student Services

               Kate Altizer* -  546 01046

School of Veterinary Science

              Meenu Joseph - 546 01933


Faculty of Medicine

                Rebecca Magee - 336 55160

Princess Alexander Hospital Telehealth Centre

                Megan White*- 347 68168

Mater Hospital

School of Medicine

                Alysha Johnson- 334 65160


Faculty of Medicine

             Lucinda Coalter - 334 36924 


Faculty of Medicine

             Ann Candy - 334 60600

PA Southside Clinical Unit

Faculty of Medicine

             Paige Wilcox* - 3182 6421

If you are a DHCO and do not see your name listed above, please contact Jordan Tredinnick on

UQ Ally Network Contacts

UQ Ally Network Contacts

Members of the UQ Ally Network provide a 'safe zone' for students and staff identifying as LGBTI, and promote the University's commitment to developing a safe and inclusive work and study environment.

You may contact any of our UQ Ally Network members for support, information or advice at any of our campuses.

Image of members of the UQ Ally Network

St Lucia

Human Resources 

Jade Pomroy

Tamma Sorbello

Jordan Tredinnick

Dr Deanne 'Dee' Gibbon 

Tarriaki Duncan

Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Engagement)

Nell Angus

Legal Office

Camille Smith-Watkins

Graduate School

Belinda Bern

Solvor Sleveland

Katherine Richardson

Daniel Walker

Alumni and Community Relations

Natassja Bertram

Office of Marketing and Communications

Sara Ledermann

Sasha Ackfun

Domestic Student Recruitment

Olivia Brown

Claire Bishop

Steve Forster

James Tierney

Krishneel Kumar

Tillie Walsh

Monique Pountney

Elise Cardamone

Occupational Health and Safety Division

Jim Carmichael

Academic Services Division

Felicity Rounsefell

Student Affairs Division

Ashleigh Huddy

Student Services

Leesa Schwarz

Nicole Bowden

Marian Butler

Jodie De Daunton

Selina Lucy

Ruth Morahan

Malindri Herath

Trish Taggart

UQ Student Employability Centre

Dr Dino Willox

Paige McDonough

Business Management Unit

Briana Ives

Student Centre

Jessica Roessler

Clare Nelson

Jacqueline Cox

Justin George

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies Unit

Kelly Lindsay

Valeska Wood

Property and Facilities

Gabrielle Trubshaw

UQ Library 

Corporate Services

Joanne Rutherford

Karen Platz

Scholarly Communication and Digitisation Services

Joan Keating

Robyn Clare

Institute of Continuing and TESOL Education

Katie Norbury

Keippa Skehan

Sustainable Minerals Institute

Tess Dobinson

Centre for Mined Land Rehabilitation

Melina Gillespie

Miguel Alvarado

Amelia Hine

Institute for Molecular Bioscience

Amanda Carozzi

Faculty of Business, Economics and Law

School of Economics

Alys Hohnen

UQ Business School

Marta Indulska

Associate Professor Timothy Kastelle 

Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology

Claire Pomery

Kristen Pavasovic

Deanna Mahony

Katie Gollschewski

School of Mechanical and Mining Engineering

Karen Foster

School of Chemical Engineering

Hayley Sycz

School of Civil Engineering

Selina Weller

Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Chelse Kyle

Alisa Pratt

Theresa Robinson

School of Psychology

Stephanie Kerr

Nathacha Subero

Karen Perkins

Professor Nancy Pachana

School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

David Allen

Rebecca Olive

School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work

Carla Cravaliat

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Rob Pensalfini

Nicole McArthur

School of Languages and Comparative Cultural Studies

Kari Sullivan

Sol Rojas-Lizana

School of Music

School of Political Science and International Studies

Marian Ophof

School of Education

Nathan Turville

School of Social Science

Andrew Fairbairn

School of Historical and Philosophical Inquiry

Lisa Featherstone

Amelia Brown

School of Communication and Arts

Daniel Van Zutphen

Faculty of Science

 Andrew Hughes

Patrick Testa

School of Biological Sciences

Jemma Schneider

Simone Blomberg

Vera Weisbecker

Blake Alexander Simmons

School of Geography, Planning and Environmental Management

Lia Whalley

Amanda Cooke

School of Mathematics and Physics

Ryan Stride

Benjamin Burton

Melanie Robertson-Dean

Maya Greene

Dr Michael Bromley 

School of Chemistry and Molecular Biosciences

Susan Rowland - Susan is currently on secondment at the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation. 

Carol Fawcett

James Fraser

St Leo's College

Jocelyn Forsyth

Paterson Boyd

Mark Thornton

Shona Clayton

Heidi Baban

King's College

Tony Andres

International House

Kim Newbigging

Carla Tromans

Symantha Liu

Grace College

Anita Monro

Roxana Paterson

Rachel Paterson

Natalie Fogarty

Michele Webb

Women's College

Inga Holbaev

St John's College

Tim Dunstone

Ceri Wynne 

UQ Union

Student Help on Campus

Mitch Robson

Josey Jou

Kristian Wheelehen

UQ Sport

Paul Clayton

Todd Johnston

Sarah Bundy (Gatton) 


David Szumer


Halls of Residence

Simon Scott

Faculty of Science

School of Veterinary Science

Rochelle Price

Daniel Schull

Chris Cowell 

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Bec Archer

Sonya Fardell

Lachlan Fowler

Karli Kollegger

Student Services

Kate Altizer

Sandra Strenzel 

Student Relations Network

Alicia Kelly 

Alexander Gill


Faculty of Medicine 

Rosanna Ryan

Jodie McDonald

Rebecca Magee

Information Technology Services

Todd O’Connell

School of Public Health

Scott Macintyre

Emma Green

Ali Bath

Libby Kelly

Student Services

Monique Bradley


Princess Alexandra Hospital Telehealth Centre

Megan White

School of Pharmacy

Kathryn Steadman

Jacqui Bond


Institute for Social Science Research

Alice Campbell 

Mater Hospital

Faculty of Medicine

Sian Gillinder

Ellice Ablit

PA- Southside Clinical Unit

Faculty of Medicine

Paige Wilcox

Anna Coad 

**If you are a UQ Ally Network Member, and don't see your name on this list please contact Jordan Tredinnick, Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Consultant.