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Our mission at The University of Queensland is to enable our students and staff to positively influence the society in which they live by creating a Learning and Discovery environment in which they can develop and fulfil their aspirations, that rewards excellence, openness and innovation and encourages widespread Engagement with our state, national and international communities.


Since its foundation almost a century ago the University of Queensland has been Queensland’s leading university and is now one of the premier broad-based research intensive universities in Australia.

The University is recognised internationally for the quality of its research in particular fields and has a sustained reputation for excellence and leadership in teaching and learning across the broad range of diverse disciplines that it offers.

The University supports the Queensland Government’s identified social and fiscal objectives through its efforts to Realise the Smart State through education, skills and innovation and through its engagement in world class research.

The funding constraints and restrictive policies within the Australian Higher Education system in recent years have generated major challenges during a period marked by increased competition amongst higher education providers in a rapidly changing world. Against this background the University has created a unique series of internationally prominent research institutes and centres and has continued to develop innovative programs, courses and pedagogies. The significant increase in the numbers of international students and staff drawn to the University, particularly at the postgraduate level, attests to the quality of the learning and discovery environment that it offers.

These achievements have been possible because of our willingness to back innovative ideas and to respond to opportunities that align with our Strategic Objectives. The use of a Strategic Initiatives fund to support leveraging of external funding has harnessed considerable philanthropic and Government support for a string of major new developments over the past decade.


We will focus on building strategic partnerships with other universities, industry, the professions and all levels of government and on consolidating broader relationships with our alumni and with the wider community, in Australia and internationally.

We will build on the unique interrelationship of our faculties and major research institutes to create a synergy between advanced enquiry and the student learning experience as a distinctive feature of the education offered at UQ.

We will enhance the existing supportive and socially inclusive environment provided for students and staff and intend to distinguish the University among its peers by the strength of the UQ experience we offer. We will be guided by frank assessments of quality and will recognise and reward innovation and prominent achievement.

We will work to improve the productive use of all of our operational sites and financial and other capital assets, whilst seeking external funding support for existing areas of excellence and for new developments that are aligned with our strategic objectives.

Our activities will be guided by a desire to increase our international engagement, to improve social inclusion, to ensure the environmental sustainability of our campuses and to attract, support and retain high achieving students and staff.

Strategic Objectives




The University aims to achieve the highest levels of excellence in all aspects of learning and teaching, and to secure its position as a genuinely world-class higher education institution that is the destination of choice for the very best domestic and international students.

To realise these goals, the University will:

 – Attract and retain the most able undergraduate and postgraduate students and act to achieve social inclusion and diversity in the student population.

– Build an understanding of and commitment to the distinctive features of the UQ student experience, the ‘UQ Advantage’, and support initiatives to enrich this experience, including the benefi ts that derive from the University’s diversity, its research reputation and capacity, its international links and its strong links with industry and the professions.

– Increase the number of students who gain international experiences; and support opportunities for students to develop global and inclusive perspectives.

– Support and reward teaching excellence, and raise the professionalism, visibility, and status of teaching and learning at UQ.

– Enrich all aspects of students’ learning experience with priorities on the development of state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces and an integrated ‘blended’ learning environment.

– Promote and support innovative teaching practices that actively engage students, enhance the quality and rigour of assessment practices, and improve retention rates.

The University aims to achieve internationally-acknowledged excellence in all forms of research and research training from fundamental, curiosity driven work that adds to the stock of knowledge through to applied research that results in the transfer of University generated knowledge and expertise to business, industry and the wider community, within Australia and internationally.

To realise these goals, the University will:

– Focus resource allocation on strategically-important areas of research.

– Work to attract the substantial increases in research funding income required to sustain high quality research endeavours.

– Focus on the quality of the outcomes of scholarly work as measured by internationally recognised indicators and outlets.

– Achieve international recognition for leadership in a number of areas of research.

– Enhance and sustain an excellent research infrastructure capability, concentrating on the University’s existing and emerging areas of research strength.

– Foster outstanding performance from young researchers at higher degree, postdoctoral and early career levels.

– Encourage and support research collaboration with key Australian and international universities, public agencies, end users and industry.

– Develop, in appropriate areas of strength, a number of strategically important collaborative relationships in research and research training with key international institutions.

The University aims to develop, enhance and sustain mutually supportive relationships with the wider community, industry, commerce and government through the application of research and through the quality and focus of its teaching and its commitment to social inclusion.

To achieve this, the University will:

– Exemplify the role of education and research in underpinning the economic and social well-being of local, state, national and international communities.

– Build on the University’s academic strengths, in strategic partnerships with external agencies, including industry, business and professional groups and with instrumentalities at city, state, national and international levels, helping to fi nd and promote innovative and sustainable solutions to community challenges.

– Advance the University’s leading position in knowledge transfer and commercialisation.

– Foster and reward the application of expertise and knowledge to community issues and build up an infrastructure to support engagement.

– Advance and sustain the University’s interaction with the community through its libraries, museums, clinics and collections.

– Foster structured strategic relationships with specifi c high schools.

– Identify, develop and reinforce collegial and supportive relationships among UQ Alumni, nationally and internationally.

The UQ Strategic Plan 2009-2013 was adopted in July 2008. Other parts of the University’s planning framework include:

Operational Agenda – reviewed annually to report recent performance and to set near term (1-3 year) whole of University targets across the broad range of the University’s activities.

Portfolio Plans – developed to guide and direct enabling operational plans, these plans are reviewed periodically according to portfolio requirements, normally at least every three years. Established Portfolio Plans include the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Plan, the Research and Research Training Plan, the International Plan, the Equity and Diversity Plan and the Infrastructure and Support Plan.

Enabling Operational Plans – The faculties and major research institutes, as well as the University Library, Central Administration and the Ipswich Campus, each produce annual enabling operational plans to identify the highest priority initiatives for the year ahead and to set near term targets as performance benchmarks to be achieved.

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