A vision to guide growth and development into the future

Following an extensive period of community consultation, The University of Queensland’s Master Plan for its St Lucia campus has been finalised and approved by the UQ Senate. The plan presents a long-range vision for development, showcasing a range of development possibilities and with the capability to adapt to the changing academic and research environment.

Feedback from government and community has been a core to the plan’s evolution and is reflected in the final version of the Master Plan which can be viewed here.


Community Information Sessions

UQ thanks the community for its feedback and involvement in the master planning process, particularly those involved in the Community Reference Group (CRG) A number of amendments have been made to the Master Plan as a result of this feedback including:

  • a preferred bridge alignment to West End is no longer included and will be subject to further discussions with local and state governments
  • plans for the Long Pocket, Hawken Drive and Avalon precincts will be subject to further consultation to ensure community expectations are reflected
  • no immediate intention to expand UQ’s current Community Infrastructure Designation

Site Development Plan

The Senate’s endorsement of the Master Plan allowed UQ to commence the preparation of a Site Development Plan (SDP) which is a more specific planning framework for development. The SDP will provide more detailed development information and will be used as a key planning and assessment tool for UQ.

Stay in touch

As this is an ongoing project, you can continue to provide feedback to The University of Queensland via the following channels: