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Plants, D to H.
Table of contents
D to H. Alphabetic listing of scientific names
Flowering plants (angiosperms), Monocotyledons and dicotyledons, Phylum Magnoliophyta
| D. | E. | F. | G. | H. |

American beechnuts, Fagus grandijolia avellano or Chilean nut or hazel,
Gevuina avellana, Proteaceae
Dacrycarpus, Podocarpaceae, conifer.
Dacrydium elatum, Southeast Asia, Podocarpaceae, conifer.
Dacrydium cupressinum, rimu, New Zealand, Podocarpaceae, conifer.
Dacryodes edulis, safou, butterfruit, fruit rich in amino acids and triglycerides, Africa, Burseraceae.
Dactylis glomerata, cat grass, Poaceae.
Dactyloctenium, crow foot grass, Poaceae.
Dactylorhiza, key flower, Orchidaceae.
Daemonorops kunstleri, Rotan buluh landak, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Daemonorops longipes, Rotan machap, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Daemonorops melanochaetes, Rotan getah, Malaysia, Arecaceae.
Daemonorops, dragon's blood, rattan canes, Arecaceae.
Dahlia pinnata, pinnate dahlia, ornamental, parenchyma contains the polysaccharide inulin as large sphaerocrystals instead of amylum
starch, Asteraceae.
Dalbergia latifolia, Indian rosewood, Fabaceae.
Dalbergia odorifera, huanghuali, yellow flowering pear wood, yellow rosewood, precious Chinese wood now rare, Fabaceae.
Dalea, prairie clover, Fabaceae.
Dalechampia disocoreifolia, climber, two large purple bracts around tiny central bloom, Euphorbiaceae
Damasonium, damasonium, Alismataceae.
Daniellia thurifera, ogea gum, illorin gum, balsam ("frankincense"), Sierra Leone, Fabaceae.
Danthonia, oat grass, wallaby grass, Poaceae.
Danthoniopsis, Poaceae.
Daphne odora, daphne, spurge laurel, laurel, spurge, mezereon spurge, herbal medicine, fragrant shrub, China, Thymelaceae.
Darlingtonia, cobra lily, California pitcher plant, Sarraceniaceae.
Dasylirion, sotol, Liliaceae.
Dasynotus, white throat, Boraginaceae.
Dasyochloa, woolly grass, Poaceae.
Dasypyrum, mosquito grass, Poaceae.
Datisca, datisca, Datiscaceae.
Datura, Solanaceae.
Daucus carota sativus, carrot, wild carrot, herbal medicine, vegetable, Queen Anne's lace, bird's nest, Europe, myristicin, herbal
medicine, carrot seed oil, source of carotene, Apiaceae.
Davidia involucrata, dove tree, handkerchief tree, ghost tree, flowering ornamental, China, Cornaceae.

Davidson's plum (Davidsonia species), Cunoniaceae.
Davidsonia: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Davidson's plum (Davidsonia johnsonii), Australian native food, Cunoniaceae.
Davidsonia johnsonii, Daley's Fruit Trees
Davidson's plum (Davidsonia jerseyana), Mullumbimby plum, NSW Davidson's plum, Australian native food, Cunoniaceae.
Davidsonia jerseyana, Daley's Fruit Trees
Queensland Davidson's plum (Davidsonia pruriens), ooray, up to 6 m, narrow tree, large leaves with toothed edges
Australian native food, Cunoniaceae.
Davidsonia pruriens, Daley's Fruit Trees

Dawsonia, moss, Phylum Bryophyta

silky myrtle (Decaspermum humile), currant myrtle, darkshiny crown, new pink leaves have silver hairs, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Silky myrtle Daley's Fruit Trees

Decussocarpus, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Dedeckera, July gold, Polygonaceae.
Deiregyne, Orchidaceae.
Delairea, cape ivy, Asteraceae.
Delonix regia, delonix, flame of the forest, flamboyant tree, poinciana, ornamental, Fabaceae.

Delosperma, Aizoaceae.
Delosperma cooperi (Mesembryanthemum cooperi), iceplant, trailing iceplant, dwarf perennial, dense lawn, fleshy leaves, trailing
hanging stem, magenta-pink flowers, bladder-like hairs on leaves sparkle like ice crystals, halucinogen chemicals DMT and 5-MeO-DMT
in leaves, South Africa

Delphinium species, Consolida species, larkspurs, Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium species: | Anthranoyllycoctonine | Browniine | Condelphine | Deltaline | Nenudatine | Lycoctonine | Methyllycaconitine | entire
plants poisonous, Ranunculaceae.
Rocket larkspur (Delphinium ajacis, Consolida ajacis, ) | Ajaconine | Delcosine | Ranunculaceae.
Anderson's larkspur (Delphinium andersonii) | 14-Deacetylnudicauline | Nudicauline | Ranunculaceae.
Delephinium anhwiense | Anhweidelphinine | Ranunculaceae.
Subalpine larkspur (Delphinium barbeyi) | Anthranoyllycoctonine | Barbinine | Deltaline | Ranunculaceae.
Scarlet larkspur (Delphinium cardinale), cardinal larkspur | Hetisine | Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium cardiopetalum | Cardiopetalidine | Kashmiri larkspur (Delphinium cashmirianum) | Avatharidine | Cashmiradelphine | Lycaconitine
| Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium confusum | Condelphine | Ranunculaceae.
Forking larkspur (Delphinium consolida, Consolida regalis), rocket-larkspur, field larkspur | Delcosine | Delphinidin | Delsoline | Lycoctonine
| used to make blue ink, Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium corumbosum | Delcorine | Methyllycaconitine | Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium delavayi | Denudatine | Toxic if swallowed, analgesic, Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium denudatum | Condelphine | Denudatine | Indian folk medicine, Ranunculaceae.
Alpine delphinium (Delphinium elatum), called "Delphinium" in the plant industry, candle larkspur, ornamental, alkaloids in seeds: | Delpheline
| Deltaline | Elatine | Methyllycaconitine | Nudicauline | Lycoctonine | Ranunculaceae.
Sierra larkspur (Delphinium glaucum, D. brownii | tall larkspur, mountain larkspur, glaucous larkspur. | Browniine | Ranunculaceae.
Chinese delphinium (Delphinium grandiflorum), Russia, Ranunculaceae.
Canyon larkspur, (Delphinium nudicaule), red larkspur, orange larkspur, canyon delphinium | Nudicauline | Ranunculaceae.
Twolobe larkspur (Delphinium nuttallianum), Nuttall's larkspur, staves acre, housewort, poisonous seeds, ornamental, zygomorphic flowers,
sepals blue and showy, spurred posterior sepal, Ranunculaceae.
Western larkspur (Delphinium occidentale) | Deltaline | Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium oreophilum | Acetylbrowniine | Ranunculaceae.
Delphinium pentagynum | Karokaline | Ranunculaceae.
Forking larkspur (Delphinium regalis, Consolida regalis), lark's heel, knight's spur, contains many alkaloids, entire plant poisonous, Ranunculaceae.
Stavesacre (Delphinium staphisagria), lice-bane, all parts toxic | Delphinine | Staphidine | Ranunculaceae.
Dwarf larkspur (Delphinium tricorne) | Tricornine | Ranunculaceae.
Wenatchee larkspur (Delphinium viridescens) | Ajaconiine | Ranunculaceae.

Dendranthema, arctic daisy, Asteraceae.
Dendrobium crumentatum, pigeon orchid, white dove orchid, herbal medicine, Orchidaceae.
Dendrobium linguiforme, tongue orchid, Orchidaceae.
Dendrobium speciosum, rock orchid, Orchidaceae.
Dendrocalamopsis oldhamii, giant timber bamboo, Poaceae
Dendrocalamus giganteus, giant bamboo, Burma, largest bamboo, up to 46 metres, 25 cm diameter, Poaceae.
Dendrocalamus latiflorus, huge clumping bamboo, sweet type suitable for edible shoot harvest, culinary uses, kick the shoot with
your boot If it does not break off it is too old to harvest, southern China, Poaceae.
Dendrocalamus strictus, bamboo, male bamboo, common in India, Poaceae.
Dendroceros, hornwort, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Dendrocnide excelsa, Australian nettle tree, stinging hairs on all aerial parts cause excruciating pain, Australia, Urticaceae.
Dendrocnide moroides, Gympie-Gympie stinging tree, more painful, Australia, Urticaceae.
Dendrolobium, dendrolobium, Fabaceae.
Dendrophylax, Orchidaceae.
Derris elliptica, derris, tuba, insect repellent "derris dust" contains rotenone, Fabaceae,
Deschampsia, hair grass, Poaceae.
Descurainia, tansy mustard, Brassicaceae.
Desmanthus virgatus, desmanthus, bundle flower, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Desmodium canadense, Canadian tick trefoil, USA, Fabaceae.
Desmodium heterophyllum, hetero, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Desmodium intortum, greenleaf desmodium, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Desmodium sessilifolium, sessile leaf tick trefoil, Fabaceae.
Desmodium triflorum, lesser clover-leaved desmodium, herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Desmodium uncinatum, silverleaf desmodium, tropical pasture legume, Fabaceae.
Desmostachya, Poaceae.
Dialella, flax lily, showy flowers
Dialium indum, velvet tamarind, large tree, evergreen, fruit, fleshy pod, black, velvety rind, edible sweet pulp, used fresh,
propagation from seeds, Southeast Asia

Blue flax-lily, (Dianella atraxis), Queensland blue flax-lily, Australian native food, Asphodelaceae.
Dianella ensata (Dianella ensifolia), Africa; India, China, Madagascar, Solomon Islands, Asphodelaceae.
Blue flax-lily (Dianella caerulea), blueberry lily, Paroo lily, hardy perennial, long strappy leaves,
leaves to 60 cm, flower stem to 90 cm,
blue flowers on branched spikes, bright blue berries, grow in sunny position in well-drained soil, Brisbane City Council suggestion,
common in Australian gardens, eastern Australia, Asphodelaceae.

Dianthus caryophyllus, carnation, called a "gillyflower" because it smells of clove, Caryophyllaceae.
Dianthus deltoides, maiden pink, Caryophyllaceae.
Dianthus gratianopolitanus (D. caesius), cheddar pink, Caryophyllaceae.
Dianthus plumarius, feathered pink, pink, Caryophyllaceae.
Diapensia, diapensia, Diapensiaceae.
Diarrhena, beak grain, Poaceae.
Diascia barberiae, twin spur, South Africa, perennial herb, Scrophulariaceae.
Diasphora fruticosa, shrubby cinquefoil, Rosaceae.
Dicentra repens, horsehoof grass, Papaveraceae.
Dicerandra, balm, Lamiaceae.
Dichaea, leafy stem orchid, Orchidaceae.
Dichanthelium, rosette grass, Poaceae.
Dichanthium annulatum, angleton grass, blue stem, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Dichanthium sericium, blue grass, Queensland bluegrass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Dichelachne, plume grass, Poaceae.
Dichelostemma, snake lily, Liliaceae.
Dichondra, sericea, silver leaf, pony's foot, Convolvulaceae.
Dichromanthus, Orchidaceae.
Dicliptera, fold wing, Acanthaceae.
Dicoria, twin bugs, Asteraceae.
Dicranopteris linearis, resam, herbal medicine, Gleicheniaceae.
Dicrydium franklinli, Huon pine, huon dacrydium, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Gas plant (Dictamnus albus), fraxinella, white dittany, false dittany, Rutaceae
burning bush, but doubtful if it was the Biblical burning bush (Exodus 3:1-4:17), because it exudes
isoprene-based flammable oils which may ignite in hot weather, herbacious perennial, up to 75 cm,
fragrant leaves used for scented tea, herbal medicine, pain relief, ornamental, Greece.
Dictamnus albus is the single species of Dictamnus in the family Rutaceae.
Dictyosperma album, princess palm, hurricane palm, Mauritius, Arecaceae.
Dictyota, kelp, brown algae, Phaeophyceae, Phylum Phaeophyta
Diectomis, folded leaf grass, Poaceae.
Dieffenbachia species, called dumb cane because of raphides, shade-tolerant houseplants
Dieffenbachia amoena, leopard lily, large oblong leaves, poisonous or irritant sap (houseplant), Araceae.
Dieffenbachia bowmannii, variegated leaves (houseplant), Araceae.
Dieffenbachia maculata, large oval leaves (houseplant), Araceae.
Dieffenbachia seguine, Araceae.
Dierama pulcherrimum, angel's fishing rod, wand flower, funnel-shaped flowers, corm perennial, Iridaceae.
Diervilla, bush honeysuckle, Caprifoliaceae.
Dietes, dietes, Iridaceae.
Didiereaceae, Jade family
Digitalis, foxgloves
Digitalis lanata, woolly foxglove, Plantaginaceae.
Digitalis lutea, Plantaginaceae.
Digitalis micrantha, Plantaginaceae.
Digitalis purpurea, foxglove, Plantaginaceae.
Digitaria didactyla, blue couch grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Digitaria eriantha, pangola grass, digit grass, subtropical pasture grass, Poaceae.
Digitaria exilis, hungry rice, Poaceae.
Digitaria milanjiana, digit grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Digitaria scalarum, African couch, Poaceae.
Digitaria smutsii, premier digit grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Dillenia alata, up to 11 m, yellow flowers, Dilleniaceae.
Dillenia indica, elephant apple, Dilleniaceae.
Dillenia suffruticosa, shrubby dillenia, Dilleniaceae.
Dillwynia, dillwynia, Fabaceae.
Dilomilis, dilomilis, Orchidaceae.
Dimeria, Poaceae.

Dimocarpus, Sapindaceae
Native lychee (Dimocarpus australianus), sweeter than lychee, Australian native food, Sapindaceae
Native lychee, Daley's Fruit Trees
Longan (Dimocarpus longan), black seed shows through fruit flesh like an eye, round and hard seed, Sapindaceae.
See diagram: Longan
Longan, Daley's Fruit Trees

Dimorphocarpa, spectacle pod, Brassicaceae.
Dimorpotheca, cape marigold, ornamental, Asteraceae.
Dinebra, viper grass, Poaceae.
Diodia, button weed, Rubiaceae.
Dionaea muscipula, venus fly trap, tipitiwitcher, insectivorous, "fun plant" not houseplant, modified hinged leaveswith large hairs on
edges to form trap, North America, Droseraceae.
Dioon, Zamiaceae, Phylum Cycadophyta
Dioscoreaceae, Yam family
Dioscorea Yams

Ebenaceae, ebony family, Diospyros
Black plum (Diospyros australis), 4 to 10 m, leaves dark green on the upper surface and yellow below, small yellow
flowers, shiny black berries, Australian native food, Ebenaceae
See diagram Diospyros australis
See diagram Diospyros australis
Diospyros anisandra,plumbagin, Ebenaceae.
Velvet apple (Diospyros blancoi), mabolo, medium tree, evergreen, fast growing, fruit, covered with reddish-brown hairs, used fresh,
propagation from seeds grafting, unusual fruit and foliage, attractive, Philippines, Ebenaceae.
Velvet Apple, Daley's Fruit trees
Black sapote (Diospyros digyna), chocolate pudding fruit, medium to large tree, evergreen, fast growing, fruit, large, dark green to black
sweet, used fresh, desserts, propagation from seeds, grafting, Mexico, Ebenaceae.
Black Sapote, Daley's Fruit Trees
Diospyros discolor, mabolo, velvet apple, velvet persimmon, butter fruit tree, Philippines, tropical forest tree, endosperm cells show
plasmodesmata passing through thick cell walls, Ebenaceae.
Diospyros ebenum, ebony, Macassar ebony (Andaman marble, timber of same family), Ebenaceae.
Diospyros ebenaster, black sapote, central America, Ebenaceae.
Queensland ebony (Diospyros humulis), small tree, stiff glossy leaves, oval orange fruit, used for woodturning, Ebenaceae.
Japanese persimmon (Diospyros kak), Oriental Persimmon ("Sharon fruit) (most widely cultivated persimmon), small tree, fruit, large,
yellow orange, sweet, seedless, used fresh, propagation from grafting, Ebenaceae.
Persimmon 'Fuyu', Daley's Fruit Trees
Persimmon 'Hachiya', Daley's Fruit Trees
Diospyros lotus, date-plum, Caucasian persimmon, fresh fruit, UK, Ebenaceae.
Diospyros virginiana, common persimmon, American persimmon, medium tree, fruit, small to medium, orange, sweet, used fresh,
deciduous, propagation from seeds, grafting, good rootstock for Japanese Persimmon, North America, Ebenaceae.

Diplacus, bush monkey flower, Scrophulariaceae.
Diplarrhena moraea, poisonous to stock, weed, Iridaceae.

Diploglottis species, Sapindaceae
Diploglottis species are called "tamarinds", but have no relation to the true tamarind, Tamarindus indica
Diploglottis: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Diploglottis australis (D. cunninghamii), native tamarind, up to 35 m, large sausage shaped leaflets,
used as street tree in Australia, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
Diploglottiss berniana, Bemie's tamirind, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
Small-leaved tamarind (Diploglottis campbellii), rare in the wild but plentiful from nurseries, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
Diploglottis campbellii, Daley's Fruit Trees
Diploglottis cunninghamii, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
Diploglottis diphyllostegia, northern tamarind, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.
Diploglottis smithii, Smith's Tamarind, Australian native food, Sapindaceae.

Diplotaxis tenuifolia, wild rocket, wall rocket, Brassicaceae.

Dipodium foliata, large orchid with huge inflorescence, Orchidaceae.
Dipodium hamiltonianum (colonized by fungi), Orchidaceae.
Dipodium punctatum, hyacinth orchid, saprophyte, Orchidaceae.
Dipodium variegatum (colonized by fungi), Orchidaceae.

Dipsacus japonicus, teasel, Dipsacaceae.
Dipsacus fullonum, fuller's teasel, Dipsacaceae.
Dipsacus japonicus, teasel, xu duan, Dipsacaceae.
Dipsacus sativus, teasel, Indian teasel, Dipsacaceae.

Dipterocarpus alatus (D. jourdainli, D. tuberculatus, D. turbinatus), gurjun, East Indian copaiba balsam, Dipterocarpaceae.
Dipteryx odorata (Coumarouna odorata), tonka, kumaru, Dutch tonka bean, tonquin bean, dipteryx, odorata tonka bean, tonquin
bean, but, tinka, seeds containcoumarin, Guyana, Fabaceae.

Discocactus flagelliformis (Aporocactus flagelliformis) rattail cactus, ornamental pot plant, Cactaceae.

Dioscorea alata, yam, Dioscoreaceae.
Dioscorea cayennensis subsp. rotundata, white yam, yam chips, steroid saponin disogenin, West Africa, Dioscoreaceae.
Dioscorea villosa, wild yam, herbal medicine, root saponins for different disorders but no evidence for anti-cancer function,
North America, Dioscoreaceae.

Diselma, Cupressaceae, conifer
Dissanthelium, Catalina grass, Poaceae.
Dissochondrus, false brittle grass, Poaceae.
Distichlis, salt grass, Poaceae.
Dithyrea, shield pod, Brassicaceae.
Dodecahema, spine flower, Polygonaceae.
Dodecatheon medea, shooting star, clumping perennial, hanging, dart-shaped, magenta-pink petals, North America, Primulaceae.
Doellingeria, white top, Asteraceae.
Dolichos lablab, hyacinth bean, lablab bean, Indian bean, horse gram, herbal medicine, Fabaceae.
Doliocarpus, cask fruit, Dilleniaceae.
Dombeya species, Malvaceae.
Dombeya burgessiae, pink dombeya, Malvaceae.
Dombeya wallichii, pinkball, Malvaceae.
Domingoa, domingoa, Orchidaceae.
Dorema ammoniacum, gum ammoniac, ammonlac, Bombay sumbul, boi, gum resin exuding from the flowering and fruiting stem, Persia,
Doronicum, false leopard bane, Asteraceae.
Doryanthes excelsa, spear lily, doryanth, huge red flowers an huge stalk, Asparagaceae.
Douglasia, dwarf primrose, Primulaceae.

Dovyalis, Salicaceae.
Abyssinian dovyalis (Dovyalis abyssinica), Ethiopia, medium shrub, evergreen, male and female, fruit, small, orange tart, used fresh,
jam, propagation from seeds, cuttings C great variation in fruit flavour and quality, Salicaceae.
Kei apple (Dovyalis caffra), shrub, male and female, evergreen, slow-growing, very thorny, fruit variable, fruit, medium, yellow tart,
used fresh, jelly, preserves, sauces, propagation from seeds, air-layering, South Africa, Salicaceae.
Kei apple, Daley's Tree Fruit
Ceylon gooseberry (Dovyalis hebecarpa), kitembilla, large shrub, evergreen, fast growing, male and female, fruit, small, dark, purple,
sour, poor flavour, used juice, preserves, propagation from seeds, cuttings, vigorous, prolific, Salicaceae.
Hybrid Dovyalis (Dovyalis hebecarpa X D. abyssinica), large shrub, male and female, fruit, medium yellowish-brown, subacid, used
fresh, juice, jelly, evergreen, fast growing, air-layering, cuttings, plants vigorous, heavy bearing, Florida, Salicaceae.

Downingia, calico flower, Campanulaceae.
Doxantha unguis-cati, cat's claw creeper, yellow trumpet vine, hug me tight, Central America, ornamental tree, Bignoniaceae.
Draba, draba, woolly faverala, Brassicaceae.
Dracaena draco, Canary islands dragon tree, draco, dragon's blood, woody monocotyledon, heavy wood,
vascular bundles situated in the centre of the stem, red sap ('dragon's blood') issues from cut trunk, this resin used in 18th
Century to varnish Italian violins, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Asparagaceae.
Dracaena deremensis, stalkless sword-shaped leaves (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Dracaena fragrans, fragrant dracaena, distinct trunk, Canary Islands, Asparagaceae.
Dracaena godseffiana, gold dust dracaena, shrubby growth, pointed oval leaves on thn stems (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Dracaena marginata, narrow often twisted trunk (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Dracaena sanderiana, ribbon plant (houseplant), Asparagaceae.
Dracocephalum, dragon head, Lamiaceae.
Dracunculus vulgaris, Dragon arum, snake lily, stink lily, long spadex in spathe, smell attracts pollinating flies, Araceae.
Dracontium, dracontium, Araceae.
Dracopis, cone flower, Asteraceae.
Drakonorchis, dragon orchid, Orchidaceae.
Drimia maritima (Urginea maratima), squill, sea onion, red squill, liver seed grass, bitter, high content of cardiac glycosides including
proscillaridin, C30H42O8, poison, traditional medicine, heart disorders, but overdose is dangerous, rodenticide, Western Europe, Asia,
Proscillaridin, C30H42O8, heart disorders, Drimia maritima

Drosera species, sundews, great sundew, natural antibiotic, herbal medicine, Droseraceae.
Drosera anglica, sundew, English sundew, great sundew, Droseraceae.
Dorsera intermedia, spoonleaf sundew, Droseraceae.
Drosanthemum, dew flower, Aizoaceae.
Drosera rotundifolia, sundew, insectivorous, perennial, from root basal rosette of red, glandular-hairy leaves
which exude a liquid to trap insects, leaves fold over the captured insect, occurs in bogs, 20 chromosomes, proteolytic enzymes,
naphthoquinone derivatives, plumbagin, hydroplumbagin, flavonoids, folk medicine, Antispasmodic, expectorant, demulcent, Droseraceae.
Dried herb sold as aerials.
Drosophyllum lusitanicum, portuguese sundew, Drosophyllaceae
Dryobalanops aromatica, Borneo camphor, produces dammar gum triterpenoid resin for food, glazing, oil painting varnish, batik,
borneol, East Asia, Dipterocarpaceae.
Dryas octopetala, 8-petalled mountain avens, evergreen shrub, arctic North Hemisphere, Rosaceae.
Dryas subcapita, Arctic mustard, Rosaceae.
Drymaria, dry mary, Caryophyllaceae.
Durio zibethinus, durian, spiky protuberances on fruit up to 30 cm long and 15 cm wide, striong odour, exotic taste, herbal medicine,
Duboisea hopwoodii, pitchuri thornapple, pituri, shrub, desert areas, nicotine, Australian native food, Solanaceae.
Dysphania ambrosioides, epazote, Amaranthaceae.

Ebenopsis, Texas ebony, Fabaceae.
Ecballium elaterium, squirting cucumber, Cucurbitaceae.
Echeveria elegans, Mexican snowball, hen-and-chicks, Crassulaceae.
Echeveria glauca, blue echeveria (houseplant), Crassulaceae.
Echinacea angustifolia, narrow-leaved purple coneflower, Asteraceae.
Echeandia, echeandia, Liliaceae.
Echinacea purpurea, purple coneflower, Asteraceae.
Echinocactus, golden barrel cactus, Cactaceae.
Echinocactus grusonii, barrel cactus, golden barrel cactus, slow growing, spherical to cylindrical, up to 1 m across (houseplant),
Echinocereus, hedgehog cactus, Cactaceae.
Echinocereus pectinatus, hedgehog cactus, columnar (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Echinocereus salm-dyckianus, dark green stems branching at base, yellow thorns, orange flowers (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Echinochloa, jungle rice, barnyard millet, antelope grass, barnyard grass, cockspur grass, aleman grass, pasture grass, Poaceae.
Echinodorus cordifolius, burr head, USA, Alismataceae.
Echinopepon, balsam apple, Cucurbitaceae.
Echinopogon, Poaceae.
Echinopsis, echinopsis, sea urchin cactus, Cactaceae.
Echinopsis eyriesii, spherical later columnar (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Echinopsis pachanoi, San Pedro cactus, South America, Cactaceae.
Echinopsis rhodotricha, spherical or columnar, large white flowers, (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Echinops niveus, globe thistle, nivetin neoflavonoid, Asteraceae.
Echinops ritro, globe thistle, Asteraceae.
Echium lycopsis, Patterson's curse, Boraginaceae.
Echium plantagineum, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Boraginaceae.
Echium vulgare, viper's bugloss, Boraginaceae.
Ecklonia maxima, kelp, sea bamboo, brown algae, Phaeophyceae, Phylum Phaeophyta
Eclipta alba, false daisy, Asteraceae.
Eclipta prostrata, false daisy, Asteraceae.
Edithcolea, Persian carpet flower, Asclepiadaceae.
Egeria densa, egeria, curled pond weed, South America, Hydrocharitaceae.
Egletes, tropic daisy, Asteraceae.
Ehrharta, veldt grass, Poaceae.

Anchored water hyacinth (Eichhornia azurea), canal weed, free floating or rooted, South America, Pontederiaceae.
Water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), canal weed, eutrophication of waterways, "the worst weed in the world", fast-growing,
free-floating, aquatic perennial, South America, Pontederiaceae.

Elaeagnus Elaeagnaceae.
Russian olive (Elaeagnus augustifolia), Elaeagnaceae.
Milay milay vine (Elaeagnus triflora), (the origin of the place name for Millaa Millaa, north Queensland), Australian native vine, herbal
fruit, shrub, alternate leaves and shoots covered with tiny silvery scales, giving the plants a white / grey colour, small fragrant flowers, no
petals, fleshy drupe, single edible seed, south Asia, Australian native food, Elaeagnaceae.

African oil palm (Elaeis guineensis), kelapa sawit, palm oil, male and female flowers on separate inflorescence on same tree, oil from
fruit pulp and kernel, highest concentration of beta-carotene, West Africa, Arecaceae.
American oil palm (Elaeis oleifera), tropical America, Arecaceae.

Elaeocarpus, quandongs, Elaeocarpaceae.
Blue quandong (Elaeocarpus angustifolius), blue marble tree, New Guinea quandong, elaeocarpus, bitter edible fruit, Elaeocarpaceae.
Blue quandong, Daley's Fruit Trees
Johnstone River almond (Elaeocarpus bancroftii), Kuranda quandong, ebony heart, grey nut, Australian native food, Elaeocarpaceae.
Elaeocarpus bancroftii, Daley's Fruit Trees
Hard quandong (Elaeocarpus obovatus), grey carabeen, freckled oliveberry, lowland rainforests, Australian native food, Elaeocarpaceae.
Hard quandong, Daley's Fruit Trees
Blueberry ash (Elaeocarpus reticularis), small dense tree, up to 8 m, white or pink bell-shaped flowers, small blue fruits, grow in most soils,
in full sun to partial shade, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Elaeocarpaceae.
Blueberry ash, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eumundi quandong (Elaeocarpus eumundi), smooth-leafed quandong, riverine rainforests, up to 30 m, blue drupe fruit, Elaeocarpaceae.
Eumundi quandong, Daley's Fruit Trees
Brown quandong (Elaeocarpus ruminatus), caloon, timber tree, Australia, Elaeocarpaceae.
See diagram: Quandong
Woodland elaeocarpus (Elaeocarpus sylvestris) up to 15 m, in evergreen forests, shiny leaves, green-white flowers, edible black olive-like
fruit, seeds used for lubricants, dye from bark, lining streets plant, contains gallotannin, elaeocarpusin, China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam,

Elatine, water wort, Elatinaceae.
Eleagnus angustifolia, oleaster, Russian olive, Elaeagnaceae.
Eleagnus philippensis, lingaro, large shrub, evergreen, fast growing, attractive ornamental, fruit, small, pale red, sweet, used fresh,
jelly, propagation from seeds, cuttings, Philippines

Eleocharis species, spikerushes, Cyperaceae
Chinese water chestnut (Eleocharis dulcis), grass-like sedge not a nut, grows in marshes, up to 1.5 m, stem-like,
tubular green leaves, small rounded edible corms, crisp white flesh, eaten raw or cooked or pickled, in Chinese
dishes, flour for water chestnut cake in dim sums, stay crisp after being cooked, ferulic acid phenolic compounds,
antibiotic agent puchiin, mulch, cattlefeed, Australian native food, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, Cyperaceae.
Chinese water chestnut, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eleocharis palustris, common spike-rush, marsh spike-rush, perennial, mat-forming in wetlands, Europe, North
Africa, North Asia, Cyperaceae

Elettaria cardamomum, cardamomum, Zingiberaceae.
Elephantopus scaber, elephant's foot, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Eleusine indica, goose grass, herbal medicine, Poaceae.
Eleusine coracana, finger millet, red millet, fowl foot grass, goose grass, annual, ancient cultivation, India, Poaceae.
Eleutherine, eleutherine, Iridaceae.
Eleutherococcus senticosus, Siberian ginseng, Araliaceae.
Elionurus, balsam scale grass, Poaceae.
Elleanthus, tiger orchid, Orchidaceae.
Elmera, coral bells, Saxifragaceae.
Elodea canadensis, Canadian waterweed, Canadian pondweed, ditch moss, submerged freshwater perennial, oxygenating submerged
weed, bubbles of oxygen under water, Hydrocharitaceae.
Eltroplectris, eltroplectris, Orchidaceae.
Couch grass (Elymus repens, Agropyron repens, Triticum repens), flat leaves with hairs, creeping rhizomes, stems
to 150 cm, linear leaves, Poaceae
Dried herb sold as rhizome.
Elymus virginicus, Virginia wild rye grass, Poaceae.
Elytraria, scaly stem, Acanthaceae.
Elytrigia, Poaceae.
Embelia, embelia, Myrsinaceae.
Emblica officinalis (Phyllanthus embela), amla berry, Indian gooseberry, embelic myrobalan, amalaki, herbal medicine, India,
Embothrium, Chilean fire bush, Proteaceae.
Emex, three corner jack, Polygonaceae.
Emilia sonchifolia, cupid's shaving brush, tassel flower, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Emmenanthe, whispering bells, Hydrophyllaceae.
Empetrum, crow berry, Empetraceae.
Encelia, brittle bush, Asteraceae.
Encephalartos species, Zamiaceae, Division Cycadophyta
Enceliopsis, sun ray, Asteraceae.
Ruby saltbush (Enchylaena tomentosa), barrier saltbush, ruby red saltbush, perennial shrub, up to 1 m, in diameter, slender cylindrical
leaves with woolly hairs, bright green/yellow to bright red/orange small fleshy berries, salt-sweet taste, berries edible raw or in tea,
well-cooked leaves edible but contain oxalates, Australian native food, Amaranthaceae.
Encyclia, butterfly orchid, Orchidaceae.
Endymion scylla, bluebell, Liliaceae.
Endymion non-scriptus (Scylla nutans, Hyacinthoides), harebell, bluebell, wild hyacinth, perennial herb, Liliaceae.
Engelmannia peristenia, Engelmann daisy, Asteraceae.
Engelmannia, Engelmann's daisy, Asteraceae.
Enhalus, Hydrocharitaceae.
Enigeron humlis, low flea bane, Asteraceae.
Enkianthus, Epacridaceae.
Enneapogon, bottle wash grass, feather pappus grass, Poaceae.
Ensete, ensete, Musaceae.
Entada, calling card vine, Fabaceae.
Enterolobium cyclocarpum, enterolobium, guanacaste tree, Fabaceae.
Enteropogon, umbrella grass, Poaceae.
Entolasia, entolasia, Poaceae.
Enydra, swamp wort, Asteraceae.
Epacris, epacris, Ericaceae.
Ephedraceae, Ephedra family
Ephedra species, Division Gnetophyta
Epidendrum, star orchid, Orchidaceae.
Epifagus, beech drops, Orobanchaceae.
Epigaea repens, arbutus, evergreen trailing shrub, white or pink flowers, Epacridaceae.
Epilobium latifolium, Arctic willow herb, Onagraceae.
Epilobium hirsutum, great willow herb, Onagraceae.
Epilobium parviflorum, small-flowered willow herb, Onagraceae.
Epilobium hirsutum, great willow herb, hairy willow herb, poisonous rose bay willow herb, herbal medicine, perennial herb, Onagraceae.
Epimedium sagittatum, horny goat weed, Berberidaceae.
Epimedium, horny goat weed (Epimedium saggitatum), Berberidaceae.
Epimedium X youngianum, epimedium hybrid, under storey garden plant, Berberidaceae.
Epipactis, helleborine, Orchidaceae.
Epiphyllum, orchid cactus, climbing cactus, Cactaceae.
Epiphyllum hybrids, strap-shaped leaves, very large funnel-shaped flowers with wide-flared mouth (houseplant), Cactaceae.
Epipogium aphyllum, ghost orchid, Europe, rare, subterranean, no leaves, no true roots but uses mycorrhizal association, Orchidaceae.

Epipremnum aureum, golden pothos, tonga vine, Ceylon creeper, money plant, devil's ivy (because "impossible to kill",
does not produce flowers, (houseplant in temperate regions) (in 2018 University of Washington reported it had genetically
modified the plant to trap hazardous compounds, e.g. chloroform, benzene), all parts toxic,raphides
may cause severe ecological damage, Australia, Southeast Asia, West Indies, Araceae.

Episcia, episcia, Gesneriaceae.
Epithelantha, ping pong ball cactus, Cactaceae.
Equisetophyta, Horsetails, Phylum Equisetophyta
Eragrostis curvula, African love grass, pasture grass, love grass, tef tef, Poaceae.
Eranthis, eranthis, Ranunculaceae.
Erechtites, burn weed, Asteraceae.
Eremalche, mallow, Malvaceae.
Eremochloa, centipede grass, Poaceae.
Eremocrinum, eremocrinum, Liliaceae.

Eremophila, Scrophulariaceae.
Winter apple (Eremophila debilis), amulla, prostrate shrub, lance-shaped leaves, attractive white flowers on a stalk, petals joined
at lower end to form a tube, rounded white to red purple fruits, used as groundcover, Australian native food, Scrophulariaceae.
Winter apple, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eremophila mitchelli, false sandlewood, essential oil, bicyclic sesquiterpenes, Casticin, traditional herbal medicine, rheumatism,
grazing land, weed, Australian native food, Scrophulariaceae.
See diagram: Eremophila

Eremopyrum, false wheat grass, Poaceae.
Eremospatha, palm, climbing habit, Arecaceae.
Eremurus, foxtail lilies, Liliaceae.
Eriachne, Poaceae.
Eriastrum, woolly star, Polemoniaceae.
Erica cerinthoides, heather, fire heath, cape heath, evergreen shrub, bright red flowers, South Africa, Epacridaceae.
Erica gracilis, cape heath, leafy spike of urn-shaped pink flowers, (houseplant), Epacridaceae.
Erica hyemalis, spike with small bell-shaped flowers, needle-like leaves (houseplant), Epacridaceae.
Ericameria, golden bush, Asteraceae.
Erigeron, breviscapus, flea bane, blue simson, breviscapine alkaloid, Asteraceae.
Loquat (Eriobotrya japonica), Japanese medlar, China, Japan, shrub, woolly inflorescence, Rosaceae.
Loquat, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eriocaulaceae, Pipewort family
Eriocaulon, pipe wort, Eriocaulaceae.
Eriocephalus punctulatus, eriocephalee, Asteraceae.
Eriochloa, cup grass, Poaceae.
Eriochrysis, moco de pavo, Poaceae.
Eriodictyon, yerba santa, Hydrophyllaceae.
Eriogonum, buckwheat, Polygonaceae.
Erioneuron, hairy tridens grass, woolly grass, Poaceae.
Eriophorum, cotton grass, Cyperaceae.
Eriophyllum, woolly sun flower Asteraceae.
Eriosema, sand pea, Fabaceae.
Eriostemon myoporoides (Philotheca myoporoides), wax flower, Rutaceae.
Erithalis, black torch, Rubiaceae.
Eritrichium, alpine forget-me-not, Boraginaceae.
Ernygium maritimum, sea holly, field eryngo, herbal medicine, Apiaceae.
Errazurizia, dune broom, Fabaceae.
Rocket, (Eruca sativa), Brassicaceae.
Eruca sativa, rocket, rocket salad, rocket cress, vegetable, garden herb, Brassicaceae.
Eruca sativa (E. vesicaria subsp. sativa), rocket salad, "regular rocket", leafy vegetable, green manure, trap crop for fungus
pathogens, | Behenic acid| herbal medicine, jamba oil in fruit, Brassicaceae.
Erucastrum, dog mustard, Brassicaceae.
Eryngium creticum, eryngo, Apiaceae.
Eryngium foetidum, culantro, Thai coriander, perennial coriander, Apiaceae.
Erysimum, wall flower, treacle worm seed, treacle mustard, herbal medicine, avoid overdose, Brassicaceae.
Erythrina edulis, edible erythrina, bean tree, coral tree, small tree, ornamental, needs extra water during dry periods, fruit, edible,
used leaves, beans and pods eaten, very high in protein, propagation from cuttings, fresh seeds, Fabaceae.
Erythrina indica (E. variengata), Indian coral tree, tiger's claw, crab claw, flame tree, paribhadra, herbal medicine, seeds poisonous
unless well-cooked, erytherine alkaloid, India, Fabaceae.
Erythrina variegata, coral tree, native herbal medicine to treat inflammation, conjunctivitis, skin diseases, fever, Fabaceae.
also contains spiroamine alkaloids with properties: neuromuscular blocking, smooth muscle relaxant, CNS depressant, anticonvulsant
Erythrodes, false helmet orchid, Orchidaceae.
Erythronium dens-canis, dog's tooth violet, American adder's tongue, fawn lily, not an internal herbal medicine, perennial herb, Liliaceae.
Erythrophleum, sass wood, Fabaceae.
Erythroxylon coca, var. coca, Andean cocoa, probably original variety, can exist wild, coca shrub, herbal medicine, stimulating
masticatory, narcotic drug, about 0.6% of leaves cocaine alkaloid, Erythroxylaceae.
Erythroxylon coca, var. ipadu, Amazonian coca, about 0.4% of leaves cocaine alkaloid, mostly vegetative reproduction by stem cuttings,
Erythroxylon novogranatense, var. novogranatense, about 0.7% of leaves cocaine alkaloid, Columbia, Venezuela, Erythroxylaceae.
Erythroxylon novogranatense, var, truxillense, about 0.7% of leaves cocaine alkaloid, , northern Peru, Erythroxylaceae.
Eschscholzia californica, Californian poppy, Papaveraceae.
Escobaria, fox tail cactus, Cactaceae.
Escobedia scabrifolia, azafranillo, azafrin, Scrophulariaceae.
Etlingera, wax flower, Zingiberaceae.
Eucalyptus species, Myrtaceae.
Eucephalus, aster, Asteraceae.
Eucharis amazonica (E. grandiflora), Amazon lily, Colombia, Peru, Amaryllidaceae.
Euclasta, mock blue stem, Poaceae.
Euclidium, mustard, Brassicaceae.
Eucnide, sting bush, Loasaceae.
Eucomis, pineapple lily, ornamental (Hyacinthaceae.), Liliaceae.
Eucommia ulmoides, hardy rubber tree, garden plant, Eucommiaceae.
Eucrosia bicolor, South America, Amaryllidaceae.
Eucrypta, hide seed, Hydrophyllaceae.
Eudorina, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Eugeissona tristis, eugeissona, common in Malaysia lowlands, Arecaceae.

Eugenia species, Myrtaceae
Eugenia: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Grumichama - Orange (Eugenia brasiliensis), Myrtaceae
Eugenia brasiliensis, Daley's Fruit Trees
Rainforest plum (Eugenia candolleana), Myrtaceae.
Eugenia candolleana, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eastern Cape Myrtle (Eugenia capensis), Myrtaceae.
Eugenia capensis, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eugenia carissoides, Cedar Bay cherry, cherry, mountain stopper, nioi, tropical forests, up to 6 m, sweet edible fruit, eaten raw,
used to flavour drinks, antioxidants, median strips in Cairns, Australian native food, Indonesia, Pacific Islands, Myrtaceae
Cherry of Rio Grande (Eugenia involucrata), Myrtaceae.
Eugenia involucrata, Daley's Fruit Trees
Pitomba (Eugenia luschnathiana), Myrtaceae.
Eugenia luschnathiana, Daley's Fruit Trees
Cedar Bay cherry (Eugenia reinwardtiana), beach cherry, Australian native food, Myrtaceae.
Cedar Bay cherry, Daley's Fruit Trees
Eugenia selloi, Pitangatuba, Myrtaceae.
Eugenia selloi, Daley's Fruit Trees
Araza=boi (Eugenia stipitata), fresh fruit, western Amazonia, Myrtaceae.
Eugenia stipitata, Daley's Fruit Trees
Brazilian cherry (Eugenia uniflora), Surinam cherry, pitanga, Myrtaceae.
Eugenia uniflora, Daley's Fruit Trees

Eulalia, silky brown top grass, Poaceae.
Eulaliopsis, sabai grass, Poaceae.
Eulophia, wild coco, Orchidaceae.
Euonymus atropurpurea, burning bush, eastern wahoo tree, colourful shrub, fuchia-pink hanging capsules, North America, Celastraccae
Euonymus europaeus, spindle tree, hard twigs used for spindles and skewers, England, Celastraccae
Euonymus japonicus, hardy shrub (houseplant), Celastraccae

Eupatorium perfoliatum, boneset, Asteraceae.
Eupatorium purpureum, kidney root, gravelroot, Asteraceae.
Eupatorium glandulosum, giant hemp, agrimony, yankee weed, Asteraceae.
Eupatorium purpureum, gravel root, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Eupatorium adenophorum, crofton weed, jie fang cao, invasive rhizome, pollen allergy, Mexico, Asteraceae.

Euphorbiaceae, Spurge family
Euphorbia species, Euphorbiaceae.
Euphrasia species, eyebright, Orobanchaceae

Eupomatia, Eupomatiaceae.
Bolwarra (Eupomatia laurina), copper laurel, scented laurel, Eupomatiaceae.
up to 15 m, grow naturally in eastern Australia and New Guinea as part of an understorey in rainforests or humid Eucalypt forests.
They have glossy leaves, oblong / elliptic shaped, from 5 to 20 cm (2 to 8 in) long.
The branches bear the globose to urn-shaped fruits of a green external colour, measuring 15-20 mm diameter and yellowing
when ripe with pale coloured edible jelly flesh inside, interspersed by many non-edible seeds (similar appearance to guava contents.
Germination from fresh seed commences after around three weeks and completes after five weeks, with a high level of germination.
Cuttings are not advised as a method of regeneration.
The sweet, aromatic fruit is used as a spice-fruit in cooking, being included in beverages, jams and desserts.
It is best used in combination with other ingredients that compliment its strong flavour.
In cultivation E. laurina is frost sensitive and prefers a protected, semi-shaded site.
It can be propagated from seed, seedlings take 4-6 years to fruit, or cuttings that produce fruit after two years.
Eupomatia bennettii (small bolwarra) occurs only in the north-eastern New South Wales to south-eastern Queensland region
and Eupomatia barbata (northern small bolwarra) occurs in the wet tropics of Queensland, Australian native food, Eupomatiaceae.

Eurybia integrifolia, thickstem aster (not a genus "Aster"), North America, Asteraceae.
Eurystyles, custard orchid, Orchidaceae.
Eurycoma longifolia, tongkat ali, Simaroubaceae.
Eusideroxylon zwageri, ironwood tree of Borneo, tropical forest tree, Lauraceae.
Eustachys, finger grass, Poaceae.
Eustoma, prairie gentian, Gentianaceae.
Eustoma grandiflorum, poppy-like flowers (houseplant), Gentianaceae.
Euterpe edulis (E. badiocarpa), jucara palm, cabbage palm (palm heart called palmetto eaten as vegetable), Brazil, Arecaceae.

Euterpe oleracea, areca palm, assai palm, acai palm, cabbage palm, brightly coloured purple-red skin,
sweet fruit flesh smooth and almost fibreless, palm heart because multiple stems so tree not destroyed, popular drink and ice cream made
from fleshy mesocarp, construction, herbal remedy, mashed leaves used to stop bleeding, ornamental, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Dried herb sold as berry powder.
See diagram: Acai palm, Areca palm

Eutrema japonicum, wasabi, Brassicaceae.
Euthamia, golden top, Asteraceae.
Evax, pygmy cuddled, Asteraceae.
Evolvulus, dwarf morning glory, Convolvulaceae.
Evolvus, "Blue Sapphire", "Blue daze", deep blue flowers, spreading habit, ornamental, groundcover, Convolvulaceae.
Exacum affine, Persian violet, Arabian violet, easy to raise from seed for pots (houseplant), Gentianaceae.
Exocarpus cupressiformis, native cherry, cherry ballart, cypress cherry, up to 8 m, pyramidal shape, possibly plant parasite, leaves are small
scales, small flowers in clusters on short spikes, edible fruit is nut on outside of swollen pedicel eaten raw, or cooked, wood used to make
spearthrowers, Australian native food, Santalaceae
Eccoecaria agaliocha, buta buta, herbal medicine, Euphorbiaceae.
Eysenhardtia, kidney wood, Fabaceae.

Fabaceae, (formerly Leguminosae), Pea family
Facelis, tramp weed, Asteraceae.
Fagara cujabensis, Rutaceae
Fagopyrum esculentum (F. sagittatum), buckwheat, Central Asia, flour for bread, source of glucoside rutin, herbal medicine,
Fagus species, beeches, Fagaceae.
Fagus pendula, weeping beech, pendulous tree, up to 25 m, France, Fagaceae.
Fagus purpurea, copper beech, purple beech, anthocyanins in leaves, England, Fagaceae.
Fagus sylvatica, beech tree, common beech, European beech tree, England, Fagaceae.
Faidherbia albida (formerly Acacia albida), apple ring acacia, winter thorn, deep taproot, sheds leaves in rainy season so
important for maize interplanting in African agroforesty, Fabaceae.
Falcataria, peacocks plume, Fabaceae.
Falcatifolium, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Fallopia japonica, Japanese knotweed, Polygonaceae
Family names of herbs:910
Faramea, false coffee, Rubiaceae.
Fatshedera lizei, hand-shaped leaves (hybrid) (houseplant), Araliaceae.
Fatsia japonica, Japanese aralia, false castor oil, deeply-lobed glossy dark green leaves (houseplant), Araliaceae.
Fatsia papyrifera, fatsia, "rice paper", Araliaceae.
Faucaria tigrina, tiger jaws, succulent, deeply toothed jaw-like leaves (houseplant), South Africa
Feijoa (Acca) Myrtaceae
Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana, Acca sellowiana), pineapple guava, Brazil, shrub, red, white and yellow flowers, edible fruit, Myrtaceae.
Feijoa, Daley's Fruit Trees
Folioceros, hornwort, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Fenestraria rhopalophylla, window plant, Aizoaceae.
Ferns, Phylum Pteridophyta
Ferocactus, barrel cactus, Cactaceae.
Ferocactus latispinus, devil's tongue, fishhook cactus, slow-going spherical, prominent ribs with large hooked spines (houseplant),
Feronia limonia (F. elephantum), wood apple, monkey fruit, curd fruit, kath bel, pomme de bois, citron des mois, large tree, long leaves,
hard berry fruit, inner sticky brown pulp, need hammer to crack fruit rind, eat raw or used to make syrups, drinks, jelly, jams,
chutneys, herbal medicine, Indonesia, Thailand, India. Rutaceae.
See diagram Wood apple
Other species are called "wood apple".
Ferula assafoetida, asafoetida, Apiaceae.
Ferula communis, giant fennel (ferulic acid), Apiaceae.
Ferula diversittata (F. suavolens), sumbul, musk root, Apiaceae.
Ferula, weeping fig, broad crown, trailing branches, Moraceae.
Festuca arundinacea, tall fescue grass, forage grass, but alkaloid fescue toxity with horse and cattle, Poaceae.
Festuca pratensis, meadow fescue, forage crop, Poaceae.
Ficinia nodosa, knobby club rush, hardy, fast growing, spreading tufting grass, upright dark green foliage, up to 500 mm, brownish
flower heads are produced on spikes, grow in ponds, mass plantings or in containers, in full sun, Brisbane City Council suggestion,

Fig tree (Ficus species), Moraceae
Ficus species, Daley's Fruit Trees
Fig trees, includes the banyan fig that starts as an epiphyte, e.g. Indian banyan tree
Indian banyan tree (Ficus benghalensis), national tree of India, propagating roots downwards as aerial roots to grow into woody trunks
to produce largest canopy cover in the world, Moraceae.
Dwarf pingo de mel, Daley's Fruit Trees
Ficus benjamina, weeping fig, up to 30 m, the tree of Bangkok, in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Moraceae.
Ficus carica, common fig, edible fig tree, table fig,safranal, Moraceae.
Ficus brevistyla, Moraceae Brown Turkey fig (Ficus carita), many commercial varieties, Moraceae.
Ficus carita, 'Black genoa', Daley's Fruit Trees
Creek sandpiper fig (Ficus coronata), Australian native food, Moraceae.
Ficus coronata, Daley's Fruit Trees
Ficus deltoidea, mistletoe fig, dark green leathery leaves (houseplant), Moraceae.
Ficus elastica, rubber plant, India rubber tree, young leaves sheathed in red stipules, polyterpenes in milky latex sap, Moraceae.
Emerald standard fig (Ficus hillii), Moraceae
Ficus hillii, Daley's Fruit Trees
Ficus lansium, Moraceae
Ficus lyrata, fiddle-leaf fig, banjo fig, tropical Africa, violin-shaped leaves (houseplant), Moraceae.
Ficus macrophylla, Moreton Bay fig, Moraceae
Ficus microcarpa, small-leaved fig, in Brisbane City Botanic Gardens, Queensland, Moraceae.
Small-leaved fig (Ficus obliqua), Moraceae.
Small-leaved fig, Daley's Fruit Trees
Sandpaper fig (Ficus opposita), 'birds eye', Australian native food, Moraceae.
Sandpaper fig, 'birds eye', Daley's Fruit Trees
Ficus platypoda, desert fig, rock fig, up to 10 m, on rocky outcrops, branchlets are covered in fine hairs, oval / round figs yellow
to purple, 2.5 cm diameter, eaten fresh when ripe, plant can be used for bonsai, Australian native food, Moraceae.
Ficus pumila, creeping fig, trailing plant, thin wiry stem, heart-shaped leaves, climbs with clinging roots (houseplant), herbal medicine,
Ficus racemosa, cluster fig, Indian fig tree, goolar fig, gular fig, figs grow on tree trunk, Australian native food, Indo-China, India, Moraceae.
Ficus radicans, trailing wiry stems pointed leaves, climbs by rooting at leaf joints (houseplant), Moraceae.
Sacred fig (Ficus religiosa), bo-tree, peepul tree, pipal tree, lomg-lived tree sacred to Buddha, prop roots from branches, Moraceae.
Sacred fig, Daley's Fruit Trees
Ficus refusa, banyan, Malayan banyan, herbal medicine, Moraceae.
Ficus rubiginosa, rusty fig, Port Jackson fig tree, Moreton Bay fig tree, Moraceae.
Ficus superba, Moraceae
Ficus sycamoris, African sycamore fig (climbed by Zacchaeus to see Jesus in Bible, Luke19:4), Moraceae.
Ficus watkinsiana, strangler fig, Moraceae.

Filaginella uliginosa (Gnaphalium uliginosum), cud weed, cotton weed, herbal medicine, Asteraceae.
Filago, cotton rose, Asteraceae.
Filipendula species, Rosaceae.
Filipendula rubra, Rosaceae.
Filipendula spiraea, meadowsweet, Rosaceae.
Filipendula ulmaria, meadowsweet, bridewort, Rosaceae.
Filipendula vulgaris, dropwort, Rosaceae.
Filipendula vulgaris, var. flore plena, Rosaceae.
Fimbristylis, fimbry, Cyperaceae.
Fingerhuthia, Zulu fescue, Poaceae.
Fioria, fan leaf, Malvaceae.
Firmiana, parasol tree, Sterculiaceae.
Fittonia verschaffeltii, nerve plant, Acanthaceae.
Fitzroya cupressoides, Patagonian cypress, Cupressaceae, conifer

Flacourtia, Salicaceae.
Governor's plum (Flacourtia indica, F. ramontchi), ramontchi, batoko plum,
Madagascar plum, Indian plum, tree with spiny trunk, dispersed by birds, Africa, Asia, Salicaceae.
Governor's plum Daley's Fruit Trees
Flacourtia inermis, batoko plum, loika, Malaysia, Salicaceae.
Flacourtia rukam, rukam, Indian prune, Malaysia, Salicaceae.

Flagellaria indica, whip plant, bush cane, vinestrong climber, Salicaceae.
Flagellariaceae, Flagellaria family
Flaveria, yellow tops, Asteraceae.
Fleischmannia, thorough wort, Asteraceae.
Flindersia, leopard tree, crows ash, ornamental tree Rutaceae.
Flourensia, tar wort, Asteraceae.
Flowering plants, Angiosperms:9.5.2
Flueggea, virosa bush weed, Euphorbiaceae.
Flyriella, brickell bush, Asteraceae.
Fennel (Foeniculum), Lamiaceae.
Foeniculum species, Apiaceae.
Foeniculum vulgare, fennel, Apiaceae.
Foeniculum vulgare var. azoricum), Florence fennel, Apiaceae
Foeniculum vulgare var. amara, bitter fennel, Apiaceae.
Foeniculum vulgare var. dulce, sweet fennel, Apiaceae.
Fokienia, Cupressaceae, conifer
Fontanesia, fontanesia Oleaceae.
Forestiera, swamp privet, Oleaceae.
Forsythia suspensa, weeping forsythia, Oleaceae.
Fortunella japonica, kumquat, cumquat, Rutaceae.
Fortunella margarita, oval kumquat, Rutaceae.
Fouquieria ocotillo, only one genus in family, Fouquieriaceae.
Fragaria species, strawberry, Rosaceae.
Frangula alnus, alder buckthorn, Rhamnaceae.
Frankenia, sea heath, Frankeniaceae.
Franklinia alatamaha (Gordonia alatamaha), Franklin tree named after Benjamin Franklin, showy shrub, North America, Theaceae.
Frasera speciosa, elkweed, deer's ears, monument plant, North America, Gentianaceae.
Fraxinus species,aesculin, Oleaceae.
Fraxinus americana, white ash tree, "Yggdrasil", "tree of the Universe", herbal medicine, North America, Oleaceae.
Fraxinus angustifolia, narrow-leaved ash tree, England, Oleaceae.
Fraxinus angustifolia subsp. oxycarpa 'Raywood', claret ash tree, abundant colourful ornamental, England, Oleaceae.
Fraxinus excelsior, common ash tree, Europe, affected by fungus chalara fraxinea, timber for tool handles, green timber burns, Oleaceae.
Fraxinus ornus, manna ash tree, widely planted in parks, England, Oleaceae.
Fraxinus pensylvanica, red ash tree, North America, Oleaceae.
Freesia refracta, freesia, ornamental, fragrant tubular flowers, southern Africa, Iridaceae.
Fremontodendron, flannel bush, Sterculiaceae.
Freycinetia, arborea, freycinetia, Pandanaceae.
Froelichia, snake cotton, Amaranthaceae.
Fuchsia arborescens, 'Juice Berry', Onagraceae.
Fuchsia coccinea, South America, Onagraceae.
Fuchsia magellanica, hybrid cultivars decorative in hanging baskets, deep pink, attach manometer to stem to show root pressure,
hydathodes, modified hairs on lower surface of leaf, raphides, Mexico, South American Andes mountains, Onagraceae.
Fucus vesiculosus, kelp, seaweed, bladderwrack (buoyancy bladders), (chlorophyll and yellow fucoxanthin), herbal medicine,
Fuirena, umbrella sedge, Cyperaceae.
Fumaria officinalis, common fumitory, herbal medicine, [E297, fumaric acid, food acid, antioxidant], Fumariaceae
Funaria hygrometrica, moss, Phylum Bryophyta
Furcraea foetida cv Mediopicta, South America, Asparagaceae.
Furcraea longaeva, supposed to remain vegetative for hundreds of years then flowers then dies, Asparagaceae.
Furcraea selloa var. marginata, Colombia, Asparagaceae.
Furcraea gigantea, Mauritius hemp, Asparagaceae.
Fumaria officinalis, common fumitory, herbal medicine, E297, fumaric acid, food acid, antioxidant, Fumariaceae.
Funastrum, twine vine, Asclepiadaceae.
Funtumia elastica, funtumia, Lagos silk rubber, low yielding rubber tree, Apocynaceae.

Gagea, gagea, Liliaceae.
Gahnia, saw sedge, Cyperaceae.
Gaillardia, blanket flower, Asteraceae.
Galactia, milk pea, Fabaceae.
Galanthus, snowdrop, Amaryllidaceae.
Galeandra, hooded orchid, Orchidaceae.
Galearis, galearis, Orchidaceae.
Galax, galax, Diapensiaceae.
Galega officinalis, goat's rue, Fabaceae.
Galenia, galenia, Aizoaceae.
Galeopsis, hemp nettle, Lamiaceae.
Galinsoga, gallant soldier, Asteraceae.
Galium species, may be called "bedstraws", Rubiaceae.
Gambelia, green bright, Scrophulariaceae.
Gamochaeta, everlasting, Asteraceae.

Garcinia species, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia species: | Euxanthone | Mesuaxanthone | Xanthochymol |
Garcinia, Daley's Fruit Trees
Garcinia cambogia | Garcinol | Clusiaceae.
Garcinia densivenia | Gallic acid | Clusiaceae.
Garcinia eugenifolia | Gentisin | Clusiaceae.
Hanbury's garcinia (Garcinia hanburyi) | Gambogic acid | Clusiaceae.
Achacha (Garcinia humilis)
See diagram Achacha (Garcinia humilis), Clusiaceae
Unusual sweet / acidity taste. Harvest when mature because no storage ripening.
From Bolivian region of Amazon basin where called "honey kiss".
Protected by Plant Breeders Right (PBR) so may not be grown or propagated without licence.
Brindleberry (Garcinia gummi-gutta), Malabar tamarind, orange fruit with thick skin with vertical lobes like a
pumpkin called a "gamboge", used in curries, supposed to cause weight loss, gamboge is a deep saffron pigment used to dye
the robes of Buddhist monks, India, Southeast Asia, Clusiaceae.
Dried herb sold as berry powder.
Wild mangosteen (Garcinia indica) | Garcinol | Clusiaceae.
Bitter kola (Garcinia kola) | Kolaflavanone | Kolanone | Clusiaceae.
Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana), purple mangosteen, gamboge tree, sap tree, medium tree, evergreen, slow-growing, fruit,
medium, ovate, soft, white sweet pulp, used fresh, propagation from seeds, | Gartanin | Isomangostin | Mangostin | Norathyriol
| herbal medicine, Indonesia, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia mannii | Manniflavanone | Xanthochymol | Clusiaceae.
Batuan (Garcinia morella) | Gambogic acid | Morellin | Clusiaceae.
Garcinia ovalifolia | Macluraxanthone | Xanthochymol | Clusiaceae.
Garcinia xanthochymus | Mesuaxanthone A | Clusiaceae.
Garcinia aristata (Rheedia aristata), Cuban mangosteen, medium tree, evergreen, slow-growing, fruit, small, yellow, white slightly
sweet pulp, large seeds, used fresh, propagation from seeds, attractive ornamental, glossy dark green leaves, West Indies, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia brasiliensis (Rheedia brasiliensis), bakupari, medium tree, yellow latex from wounds, fruit, small, ovate, thick orange skin,
white subacid aromatic pulp, propagation from seeds, used fresh, propagation from seeds, South America, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia gummi-gutta, brindleberry, Malabar tamarind, gamboge Clusiaceae.
Garcinia hanburyii, gum resin, yields the yellow dye called gamboge, Cambodia, Thailand, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia hombroniana, seashore mangosteen, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia humilis (Rheedia achachairu, Rheedia lateriflora), achacha, wild mammee, small tree, evergreen, slow-growing, fruit, firm rind,
soft, white subacid pulp, used fresh, propagation from seeds, Tropical America, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia livingstonei, African mangosteen, imbe fruit, small tree, evergreen, slow-growing, male and female, fruit, small, round, orange,
large seed, tasty, used fresh, cooked with porridge, seeded and dried, or crushed like grapes to create a drink, which can also be
fermented to make a purplish wine or soaked in alcohol and mixed with syrup to make liqueur, antibacterial compounds, decorative
tree, propagation from seeds, East Africa, Mozambique, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia macrophylla (Rheedia macrophylla), charichuela, small tree, evergreen, slow-growing, fruit, firm yellow rind, soft white
subacid pulp, used fresh, propagation from seeds, South America, Clusiaceae.
Charichuelo (Garcinia madruno), "madruno", medium tree, slow-growing, fruit, firm yellow rind, soft white subacid pulp,
used fresh, evergreen, slow-growing, propagation from seeds, Tropical America, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia madruno, Daley's Fruit Trees
Garcinia mangostana, mangosteen, purple mangosteen, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia megaphylla, bacuru, pary, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia prainiana, button mangosteen, Southeast Asia, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia urophylla, Malaya, Clusiaceae.
Yellow mangosteen (Garcinia xanthochymus, (G. tinctoria), egg tree, mundu, yields yellow dye gamboge, medium tree, evergreen,
slow-growing fruit, fruit, medium, ovate, yellow, acid pulp, large seeds, used fresh, preserves, propagation from seeds, attractive
ornamental, India, Burma, Clusiaceae.
Garcinia xanthochymus, Daley's Fruit Trees

Gardenia jasminoldes, gardenia, Rubiaceae.
Garnotia, lawn grass, Poaceae.
Gastridium, nit grass, Poaceae.
Gastrolobium grandiflorum, stock poison, weed, Fabaceae.
Gaudinia, fragile oat, Poaceae.
Gaussia attenuata, gaussia, trunk wide at base but narrow at crown, Puerto Rico, Arecaceae.
Gaultheria species, Ericaceae.
Gaylussacia baccata, black huckleberry, Ericaceae.
Geissois benthamii, red carabeen, timber, Australia, Cunoniaceae.
Geissois pruinosa, geissois, New Caledonia, forest tree, Cunoniaceae.

Scrambling lily (Geitonoplesium cymosum), scrambling vine,
narrow glossy leaves, mauve / white flowers, globose berries contain many black seeds, shoots are harvested from
wild plants, eaten like asparagus for pleasant flavour, Philippines, Indonesia, Australian native food, Asphodelaceae.
See diagram Geitonoplesium cymosum

Gelsemium sempervirens, gelsemium, trumpet flower ("yellow jasmine" but it is not a jasmine), | Gelsemicine | Gelsemine | Scopoletin
| Sempervirine | herbal medicine, poison, Loganiaceae.
Genipa americana, genip, marmalade box, medium tree, evergreen, slow-growing, fruit, large, green, used fresh, evergreen,
propagation from seeds, South America
Genista tinctoria, dyer's broom, Fabaceae.
Genistidium, brush pea, Fabaceae.
Gentianaceae, Gentian family, Gentiana spp., Gentian root
Geodorum, Orchidaceae.
Geraea, desert sunflower, Asteraceae.
Geraniaceae, Geranium family
Geranium species, geraniums, Geraniaceae.
Gerbera jamesonii, gerbera, Barberton daisy, Transvaal daisy, daisy-like flowers, Asteraceae.
Gesneria, gesneria, Gesneriaceae.
Geum species are commonly called "avens", Rosaceae.
Geum urbanum, herb bennet, avens, Rosaceae.
Gibasis, bridal veil, Commelinaceae.
Gigantochloa apus, bamboo, Java, edible shoots, Poaceae.
Gilmania, golden carpet, Polygonaceae.
Ginkgo biloba, ginkgo, Ginkgoaceae
Gisekia, gisekia, Phytolaccaceae.
Githopsis, blue cup, Campanulaceae.
Gladiolus callianthus, gladiolus, peacock orchid, Africa, ornamental, corm perennial, beautiful flowers, sword-like leaves, contractile
roots, Iridaceae.
Glandularia, mock vervain, Verbenaceae.
Glaucocarpum, wax fruit mustard, Brassicaceae.
Glaux, milk wort, Primulaceae.
Glechoma Hederacea, ground ivy, alehoof, Lamiaceae.
Gleditsia sinensis, China, Fabaceae.
Gleditsia triacanthus, honey locust tree, 3-thorned acacia, common North America street tree, North America, Fabaceae.
Glinus, sweet juice, Molluginaceae.
Gliricidia, gliricidia, quick stick, cocoa shade, Fabaceae.
Gloriosa superba, flame lily, all parts poisonous, Colchicaceae.
Glyceria, manna grass, Poaceae.
Glycine max, soya bean, soybean, vegetable, soybean oil, Fabaceae.
Glycosmis, trifoliata, Rutaceae
Glycyrrhiza glabra, licorice, liquorice, Fabaceae.
Glycyrrhiza uralensis, Chinese liquorice, Fabaceae.
Glyptostrobus, Taxodiaceae, conifer
Gnaphalium, cud weed, Asteraceae.
Gnetophytes, Phylum Gnetophyta, Family Ephedraceae, Ephedra species, Family Gnetaceae, Gnetum
Gomphrena globosa, globe amaranth, long-lived globular flower heads, Amaranthaceae.
Gonium, green algae, Phylum Chlorophyta
Gonocalyx, brittle leaf, Epacridaceae.
Goodenia caerulea, Goodeniaceae.
Goodenia ovata, goodenia, ovate lamina, Goodeniaceae.
Goodenia scaevolina, blue fan flower, fan flower, Goodeniaceae.
Goodmania, spine cape, Polygonaceae.
Goodyera, rattlesnake plantain, Orchidaceae.
Gordonia lasianthus (Hypericum lasianthus), loblolly bay, evergreen shrub, fragrant white flowers, can grow in wet soil, North
America, Theaceae family
Gossypianthus, cotton flower, Amaranthaceae.
Gossypium arboreum, tree cotton, grown mainly, India, Malvaceae.
Gossypium barbadense, cotton bush, sea island cotton has long silky fibres, Egyptian cotton has extra long staple, cottonseed oil,
herbal medicine, gossypol anti-fertility medicine, Malvaceae.
Gossypium herbaceum race wightianum, Asiatic cotton, main cotton of Asia, Malvaceae.
Gossypium hirsutum var. latifolium, upland cotton, originally, Guatemala, cottonseed oil, fine fibrous hairs on seeds, Malvaceae.
Gossypium hirsutum, upland cotton, Malvaceae (species for most cotton production), containsgossypol
Govenia, govenia, Orchidaceae.
Grammatophyllum speciosum, huge epiphytic orchid, Papua New Guinea, Orchidaceae.
Gratiola officinalis, hedge-hyssop, Scrophulariaceae.
Gratiola ebracteata, bractless hedgehyssop, Scrophulariaceae.
Grayia, hop sage, Amaranthaceae.
Grevillea species, grevillea, showy evergreen plant, up to 2 m, nectar-rich flowers including a "spider flower" in a single colour
throughout the year, grow in full sunny, light, gritty, free-draining soil, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Proteaceae
Grevillea alpine, small prostrate shrub, Proteaceae.
Grevillea banksii, many cultivars, first collected by Sir Joseph Banks 1770, Australia, Proteaceae.
Grevillea grevillea, "Poorinda Royal Mantle", groundcover, T-shaped hairs, Proteaceae.
Grevillea lanigera, grevillea, silky oak, red silky oak, ornamental tree, Proteaceae.
Grevillea linearis, linear lamina, Proteaceae.
Grevillea pteridifolia, fern-leafed grevillea, Proteaceae.
Grevillea robusta, silky oak, timber tree, Proteaceae.
Phalsa (Grewia asiatica),Tiliaceae
See diagram: Phalsa
Phalsa, Daley's Fruit Trees
Grewia, grewia, Tiliaceae.
Griffonia simplifonia, griffonia, Fabaceae
Grindelia camporum, great valley gumplant, Asteraceae.
Griselinia littoris, papuama, New Zealand, Cornaceae.
Gronophyllum ramsayi, northern kentia palm, northern Australia, Arecaceae.
Guadua angustifolia, bamboo, South America, widely used for building purposes, Poaceae.
Gulubia costata, Malaysia, northern Australia, Arecaceae.
Gulubia microcarpa, Fiji, Arecaceae.
Roughbark lignum-vitae (Guaiacum officinale), guaiacwood, slow growing, up to 10 m, wood called lignum-vitae or guaiacum,
formerly used to treat syphilis, density 14, guaiacol in gaiac oil, national tree of the Bahamas, Caribbean region, Zygophyllaceae.
Dried herb sold as wood powder.
Guatteria caribaea, haya blanca, Annonaceae.
Guatteria caribaea, Imbe fruit
Guazuma, guazuma, Sterculiaceae.
Guzmania lingulata, scarlet star, tufted air plant, strap-shaped leaves, showy flower head, Bromeliaceae.
Guilleminea, mat weed, Amaranthaceae.
Guillenia, mustard, Brassicaceae.
Guizotia abyssinica, guizotia, Niger seed, Asteraceae.
Gutierrezia, snake weed, Asteraceae.
Gymnema sylvestre, miracle fruit (Gymnema), Apocynaceae
Gymnocalycium mihanovichii, grey-green ribbed body, small curved thorns, Cactaceae.
Gymnocladus, coffee tree, Fabaceae.
Gymnostyles, burr weed, Asteraceae.
Gynura crepoides, Okinawa spinach, Asteraceae.
Gynura procumbens, sambung, "longevity spinach", Asteraceae,
Gymnadenia, gymnadenia, Orchidaceae.
Gymnopogon, skeleton grass, Poaceae.
Gymnosiphon, yellow seed, Burmanniaceae.
Gymnostachys, anceps, spathe poorly developed, Araceae.
Gynerium, wild cane, Poaceae.
Gynostemma pentaphyllum, jiaogulan, Cucurbitaceae
Gynura aurantica, purple passion, velvet plant, dark green leaves with purple hairs like velvet, unpleasant smell orange flowers,
(houseplant), Asteraceae.
Gynura crepoides, Okinawa spinach, Asteraceae.
Gynura japonica, Japanese ligularia, Asteraceae.
Gynura ligularia, armentosa ("Purple passion" houseplant), Asteraceae.
Gypsophila, baby's breath, Caryophyllaceae.

Habenaria, bog orchid, Orchidaceae.
Habranthus, rain lily, copper lily, Amaryllidaceae.
Hackelia, stick seed, Boraginaceae.
Hackelochloa, pit scale grass, Poaceae.
Haematoxylon campeachianum, haematoxylum, logwood, source of haematoxylin dye, Fabaceae.
Hainardia, barb grass, Poaceae.
Hakea laurina, pincushion hakea, emu bush, leaf has very thick cuticle, T-shaped hairs, stomates, pits, woody fruit, widely cultivated,
Southwest Australia, Proteaceae.
Hakea teretifolia, dagger hakea, very prickly, not cultivated, Eastern Australia, Proteaceae.
Hakonechloa, Hakone grass, Poaceae.
Halenia, spurred gentian, Gentianaceae.
Halesia carolina, silver bell, snowdrop tree, drooping clusters white bell-shaped flowers, North America, Styracaceae.
Halimium, halimium, Cistaceae.
Halimolobos, fissure wort, Brassicaceae.
Halocarpus, Podocarpaceae, conifer
Halodule, halodule, Cymodoceaceae.
Halogeton, salt lover, Amaranthaceae.
Halophila, sea grass, Hydrocharitaceae.

Family Hamamelidaceae, Witch hazel family
Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana), common witch-hazel, wych hazel, spotted alder, perennial, deciduous, frost tolerant, yellow flowers,
| Epigallocatechin gallate | Hamamelose | herbal medicine, astringent, extract from leaves and bark called "Witch hazel", used to treat
bruises, strains, skin problems, North America, Hamamelidaceae.
Chinese witch hazel, (Hamamelis mollis), strongly scented flowers, ornamental, China, Hamamelidaceae.
Japanese witch hazel (Hamamelis japonica), ornamental Japan, Hamamelidaceae.
(H. mollis X H. Japonica), widespread ornamental garden hybrid, Hamamelidaceae.

Hamella pateus, fire bush, hummingbird bush, Rubiaceae.
Hamamelidaceae, Witch hazel family
Hamamelis virginiana, witch-hazel, Hamamelidaceae.
Hancornia speciosa, mangaba, medium tree, evergreen, fruit, medium, red, thin skin, sweet flesh, used fresh, propagation from seeds,
Hanguana, Hanguanaceae.
Hapalorchis, hapalorchis, Orchidaceae.
Haplocarpha cheilanthifolia, Africa, Asteraceae.
Haplocarpha thunbergii, perennial herb, leaves in a basal rosette, Africa, Asteraceae.
Hardenbergia violacea, purple coral pea, "native sarsaparilla", false sarsaparilla, sarsaparilla vine, climber, up to 1.5 m, hardy,
fast growing, evergreen, dark green leathery leaves, dark purple pea flowers, grow in sunny position in well-drained soil, to cover
fences, trellises and pergolas or in containers, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Australian native food, Fabaceae.
Harpagophytum procumbrens, devil's claw, Pedaliaceae
Harpehyllum caffrum, Kaffir plum, Anacardiaceae.
Harperocallis, harperocallis, Liliaceae.
Harpagonella, grappling hook, Boraginaceae.
Harpagophytum procumbens, devil's claw, grapple plant, herbal medicine, Pedaliaceae.
Harpullia arborea, harpullia, tulip wood, ornamental tree, Sapindaceae.
Harpullia pendula, tulipwood, hardy, fast growing evergreen tree, up to 10 m, pale green foliage, green-yellow slightly fragrant flowers,
orange fruit, black seeds, grow in open sunny position in light to medium soil, shade tree, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Sapindaceae.
Harrisella, harrisella, Orchidaceae.
Hastingsia, rush lily, Liliaceae.
Harrisia, apple cactus, Cactaceae.
Hasteola, false Indian plantain, Asteraceae.
Haworthia attenuata, with pearly warts on both sides of leaves, (houseplant), Asphodelaceae.
Haworthia fasciata, clump-forming succulent, finely-pointed leaves, with pearly warts on lower sides of leaves (houseplant),
Hazardia squarrosa, bristleweed, Asteraceae.
Hebe buxifolia, hebe, veronica, masses of white flowers, Scrophulariaceae.
Hebe speciosa, hebe, Scrophulariaceae.
Hebeclinium, thorough wort, Asteraceae.
Hechtia, hechtia, Bromeliaceae.
Hedeoma, false pennyroyal, Lamiaceae.
Hedeoma floribundum, oregano, Lamiaceae.
Hedeoma patens, oregano, Lamiaceae.
Hedeoma pulegioides, North American pennyroyal, squaw mint, stinking balm, tick weed, mosquito plant, Lamiaceae.
Hedera species, ivy plants, Araliaceae
Hedychium flavescens (H. flavum), longose, Zingiberaceae.
Hedychium gardnerianum, Kahila garland lily, Zingiberaceae.
Hedychium greenei, ginger lily, Zingiberaceae.
Hedychium spicatum, sanna, ekangi, contains steroid sapogenin disogenin, C27H42O3, used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, may cause
death of human colon carcinoma cells, Zingiberaceae.
Hedyotis corymbosa, two-flowered oldenlandia, star violet, Rubiaceae.
Hedysarum, sweet vetch, Fabaceae.
Heliamphora, marsh pitchers, pitcher plant, Sarraceniaceae.
Helenium, sneezeweed, bitter sneezeweed, Asteraceae.
Helianthus annuus, sunflower, Asteraceae.
Helianthus tuberosus, Jerusalem artichoke, Asteraceae.
Helichrysum species, Asteraceae.
Helichrysum bracteatum, golden everlasting strawflower, orange flowers, Asteraceae.
Helichrysum italicum, curry plant, immortelle, everlasting helichrysum, fragrant, deter clothes moths, Asteraceae.
Helichrysum nudifolium, Hottentot's tea, perennial, pale yellow inflorescence, in grasslands, traditional uses, South Africa, Asteraceae.
Helichrysum petiolare, silver everlasting flower, groundcover, traditional herbal remedy, South Africa, Asteraceae.
Helichrysum orientale, everlasting, immortelle, coloured involucral bracts, widely cultivated, North Africa, Asteraceae.
Helicodiceros muscivorous, dead horse arum, Araceae.
Heliconia, heliconia, Heliconiaceae.
Helicteres isora, East Indian Screw Tree, ricin, herbal medicine, brown fruits twisted like screws, India, Sterculiaceae.
Helictotrichon, alpine oat grass, Poaceae.
Heliocarpus, heliocarpus, Tiliaceae.
Heliomeris, false golden eye, Asteraceae.
Heliotropium arborescens, heliotrope, Boraginaceae.
Heliotropium europaeum, European heliotrope, pyrrolizidine alkaloid stock poison, Boraginaceae.
Helleborus species, Hellebores, Ranunculaceae.
Helleborus foetidus, stinking hellebore, dungwort, setterwort, bear's foot, all parts contain poisonous glycosides, Ranunculaceae.
Helleborus niger, Christmas rose, Ranunculaceae.
Helleborus orientalis, green hellebore, Lenten rose, Greece, Turkey, Ranunculaceae.
Helleborus viridis, green hellebore, bastard hellebore, former purgative but causes vomiting, Ranunculaceae.
Helleriella, helleriella, Orchidaceae.
Helonias, helonias, Liliaceae.
Hemarthria, joint grass, Poaceae.
Hemerocallis citrina, day lily, Asphodelaceae.
Hemerocallis fulva, orange day lily, ornamental, Asphodelaceae.
Hemitomes congestum, cone plant, Monotropaceae.
Hemizonia, tar weed, Asteraceae.
Hepatica nobilis, hepatica, Ranunculaceae.
Hepatophyta Liverworts, Phylum Hepatophyta
Heracleum maximum, hogged, cow parsnip, causes dermatitis, Apiaceae.
Herbertia, sweet herbertia, Iridaceae.
Hermannia, hermannia, Sterculiaceae.
Herniaria glabra, rupturewort, Caryophyllaceae.
Hesperaloe, false yucca, Asparagaceae.
Hesperevax, dwarf cudweed, Asteraceae.
Hesperis matronalis, sweet rocket, Brassicaceae.
Hesperopeuce, Pinaceae, conifer
Heyderia, Cupressaceae, conifer
Hesperocallis, desert lily, Liliaceae.
Hesperodoria, glow weed, Asteraceae.
Hesperomannia, island aster, Asteraceae.
Hesperopeuce mertensiana, mountain hemlock, Pinaceae.
Hesperostipa, needle and thread, Poaceae.
Hesperoyucca, Asparagaceae.
Heteranthelium, Poaceae.
Heteranthemis, oxeye, Asteraceae.
Heteranthera, mud plantain, Pontederiaceae.
Heteropogon, spear grass, tangle head, Poaceae.
Heterospathe sibuyanensis, agisi palm, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Heterospathe cagayanensis, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Heterospathe elata, Sagisi palm, Philippines, Arecaceae.
Heterotheca, false golden aster, Asteraceae.
Heuchera, alum root, Saxifragaceae.
Hevea braziliensis, natural rubber, para rubber, hevea rubber, polyterpenes with linked isoprene units in milky latex sap, Euphorbiaceae.
Hexalectris, crested coral root, Orchidaceae.
Hexastylis, heart leaf, Aristolochiaceae.
Hibbertia scandens, guinea vine, climber, up to 1.5 m, vigorous twiner, glossy dark green leaves, large golden yellow flowers,
screening plant on walls or fences, well-drained soil, grow in full sun to partial shade in an open position, in tubs and containers,
Brisbane City Council suggestion, Dilleniaceae.
Hibiscadelphus, hibiscadelphus, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus species, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus acetosella, cranberry hibiscus, ornamental gardens, used eat flowers and leaves fresh in colourful salads, leaves have taste of
cranberries Malvaceae.
Hibiscus cannabinus, kenaf, Decan hemp, Java jute, fibres and edible oil, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus esculentus, okra, gumbo, lady's finger, vegetable, useful fibre, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus heterophyllus, winter rosella, open shrub, sold as Australian native food, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus mutabilis, cotton rose, confederate rose, herbal medicine, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, hibiscus, Chinese hibiscus, rose of China, hibiscus flower, rose mallow, shoe flower, Chinese rose, japa, showy
flower, stamens on central column, ornamental, herbal medicine (roots, leaves and flowers uswed to treat coughs, fevers, skin diseases,
used as cardiotonic), China, Malvaceae.
Hibiscus sabdariffa, roselle, rosella, Egypt, Malvaceae.
Dried herb sold as crushed flowers.
Hibiscus tiliaceus, sea hibiscus, invasive weed, fibres in tapa cloth, tidal mangroves, herbal remedy, Australia, Malvaceae.
Hicksbeachia pinnatifolia, red bopple nut, monkey nut, beef nut, rose nut, ivory silky rose, flower spikes purple-brown-cream, strong
sickly sweet smell, red fleshy oval fruit 3-5 cm long, black edible seed in fruit does not fall away, not commercially cultivated like
macadamia, ornamental tree, Australian native food, Proteaceae
Hicksbeachia: Australian native fruits with potential for development.
Hieracium auranticum, orange hawkweed, Asteraceae.
Hieracium pilosella, mouse-ear hawkweed, Asteraceae.
Hierochloe odorata, incense grass, sweet grass Poaceae.
Hillebrandia, hillebrandia, Begoniaceae.
Hillia triflora, cultivated ornamental, raphides, tropical America, Rubiaceae
Hilaria, curly mesquite, Poaceae.

Hippeastrum species, Amaryllidaceae.
Hippeastrum species: | Ambelline | Amaryllidaceae.
Hippeastrum puniceum, Barbados lily, poisonous bulbs, Tropical America, Amaryllidaceae.
Hippeastrum reticulatum var. striatifolium, stripe-leaf amaryllis, Brazil, Amaryllidaceae.
Hippeastrum hybrids, "wrongly called Amaryllis" "Christmas Amaryllis", huge trumpet-shaped flowers, Amaryllidaceae.

Hippophae rhamnoides, sea buckthorn, sea berry, occurs mostly coastal Europe, medicine, [contain antioxidants], Elaeagnaceae
Hitchenia, hitchenia, Zingiberaceae.

Hylocereus, night-blooming cactus, pitahayas, dragon fruits, Southeast Asia, Florida, Australia, tropical regions, Cactaceae
Red dragon fruit (Hylocereus costaricensis), pitahaya fruit, Costa rica, Cactaceae.
White pitahaya (Hylocereus undatus), yellow-ivory flowers, large fruits with smooth maroon skin peels easily, fluorescent violet flesh,
See diagram Dragonfruit
Dragonfruit, Daley's Fruit Trees

Hypocyrta glabra, rupturewort, shiny, dark green, leathery leaves, diuretic (houseplant), Caryophyllaceae.
Hypoestes phyllostachya, polka dot plant, pointed oval leaves with red spots (houseplant), Acanthaceae.
Hippomane mancinella, manchineel tree, causes painful rashes, poisonous, Euphorbiaceae.
Hippophae rhamnoides, sea buckthorn, sea berry occurs mostly, herbal medicine, antioxidants, England, Elaeagnaceae.
Hippophae salicifolia, willow-leaved sea buckthorn, Himalayan mountains, Elaeagnaceae.
Hippophae tibetana, Tibetan sea buckthorn, Elaeagnaceae.
Hippuris, mare's tail, Hippuridaceae.
Hoita, leather root, Fabaceae.
Hohenbergia, lace bark, Bromeliaceae.
Holcus, velvet grass, Poaceae.
Holmgrenanthe, rock lady, Scrophulariaceae.
Holocarpha, tar weed, Asteraceae.
Homalomena lindenii, tropical evergreen perennial, Papua New Guinea, flat stamens, Araceae.
Homeria, Cape tulip, stock poison, weed, Iridaceae.
Homolepis, Poaceae.
Homopholis, Poaceae.
Hordelymus, Poaceae.

Barley (Hordeum vulgare), barley, herbal medicine, pearl barley, little barley grass, essential nutrients, B vitamins, Mn, P, Hordenine,
C10H15NO, beta-glucan, livestock feed, beer, whisky, barley water for fevers, British high alcoholic barley wine, ancient grain, Poaceae.
Dried herb sold as aerials powder.

Hormosira banksii, Neptune's necklace, Phaeophyceae, Phylum Phaeophyta
Hornworts, Phylum Anthocerotophyta
Horsetails, Phylum Equisetophyta
Horsfieldia australiana, bush nutmeg, Australian native food, Myristaceae.
Horsfordia, velvet mallow, Malvaceae.
Hosta ventricosa, blue plantain lily, Japan, Liliaceae.
Hosta lancifolia narrow leaf plantain lily, ornamental, Liliaceae.
Hottonia, water violet, herbal medicine, Primulaceae.
Houttuynia cordata, fishwort, Saururaceae.
Hovenia dulcis, Chinese raisin, Japanese raisin, medium tree, deciduous, sweet edible pedicel, used fresh, dried, propagation from seeds,
root cuttings, Japan, China
Hovea acutifolia, purple pea bush, small to medium fast growing shrub, to 4 m, purple pea flowers, grow in light shade in well-drained
soil, windbreak, hedge or in a large pot or tub, Brisbane City Council suggestion, Fabaceae.
Howea belmoreana, curly palm, sentry palm, paradise palm, thin green stems, foliage edges covered with woolly hairs, Lord Howe
Island, Arecaceae.
Howea forsteriana, kentia palm, thatch palm, sentry palm, paradise palm, Lord Howe Island, Arecaceae.
Hoya australis, wax flower, North Australia, ornamental, poisonous, Asclepiadaceae.
Hoya bella, fleshy leaves, pendulous clusters of waxy star-shaped flowers with purple-red centres (houseplant), Asclepiadaceae.
Hoya carnosa, wax plant, North Australia, Southeast Asia (houseplant), Asclepiadaceae.
Hudsonia, golden heather, Cistaceae.
Hulsea, alpine gold, Asteraceae.
Humulus lupulus, hops, Cannabaceae.
Huperezia serrata, toothed club moss, huperzia, huperzine A, club moss, Lycopodiaceae.
Hura crepitans, hura tree, sandbox tree, Euphorbiaceae.
Hyacinthoides non-scripta English bluebell, Scilla wood hyacinth, wild hyacinth, Liliaceae.
Hyacinthus orientalis (Scilla nutans), common hyacinth, Dutch hyacinth, bluebell, widely cultivated because strongly fragrant
herbaceous perennial, Asparagaceae.
Hybanthus, green violet, Violaceae.
Hydnocarpus wightiana, chaulmoogra tree, seed oil former treatment of leprosy, India, Myanmar, Achariaceae
Hydnophytum, ant plant, Rubiaceae.
Hydrangea species, Hydrangeaceae.
Hydrangea species: entire plant poisonous, Hydrangeaceae.
Hydrangea macrophylla, bigleaf hydrangea, French hydrangea, shrub, broad, oval, coarsely-toothed leaves, an anthocyanin myrtillin
causes blue flower colour if acid soils, umbelliferone, herbal medicine, Hydrangeaceae.
Dried herb sold as aerials.
Hydrangea arborescens, smooth hydrangea, wild hydrangea, South America, Hydrangeaceae.
Hydrastis canadensis, golden seal, Ranunculaceae
Hydriastele wendlandiana, North East Australia, Arecaceae.
Hydriastele microspadix, Papua New Guinea, Arecaceae.
Hydrilla verticillata, hydrilla, Esthwaite waterweed (resists salinity), Europe Hydrocharitaceae.
Hydrocharis, hydrocharis, aquatic, Hydrocharitaceae.
Hydrocleys, hydrocleys, Limnocharitaceae.
Hydrocotyle, umbellata, manyflower, marsh pennywort, water pennywort, dollar weed, Apiaceae.
Hydrolea, false fiddle leaf, Hydrophyllaceae.
Hydrophyllum, water leaf, Hydrophyllaceae.
Hygrophila, swamp weed, Acanthaceae.
Hygroryza, water grass, Poaceae.
Hylocereus, pitahaya, dragon fruit, night blooming cactus, large vine, deciduous, fast growing, large flowers open at night, may need
hand pollination, easy to grow, fruit, medium oval, pink or yellow, pulp red or white, many small seeds, used fresh, propagation from
cuttings, Central America, Cactaceae.
Hymenaea, courbaril stinking toe, non-volatile terpenes, Fabaceae.
Hymenaea verrucosa, East African copal, non-volatile terpenes, Fabaceae.
Hymenachne amplexicaulis, hymenachne, pasture grass, marsh grass, Poaceae.
Hymenocallis caribaea, cv Kayensis, West Indies, horticulture, Amaryllidaceae.
Hymenocallis caroliniana, Carolina spider lily, Peruvian daffodil Amaryllidaceae.
Hymenocallis littoris, Spider lily, Tropical America, Amaryllidaceae.
Hymenocallis narcissiflora, pendulous white flowers with funnel-shaped fringed cup, backwards-curving slender petals, bulbous,
(houseplant), Amaryllidaceae.
Hymenocallis quitoensis (Leptochiton quitoensis), Ecuador, Amaryllidaceae.
Hymenocallis speciosa, White spice, West Indies, Amaryllidaceae.
Hymenoclea, burro brush, Asteraceae.
Hymenocrater calycinus, Turkey, Iran, Lamiaceae
Hymenocrater yazdianus, essential oils in leaves contain 1.8-cineole, beta-caryophyllene, alpha-pinene, caryophyllene oxide,
germacrene, andbisabolol (23%), Iran, Lamiaceae
Hymenosporum, flavum, "native frangipani", Pittosporaceae.
Hymenothrix, thimble head, Asteraceae.
Hymenoxys texana, prairie dawn, rubber weed, Asteraceae.
Hyophorbe lagenicaulis, Bottle palm, trunk shaped like a bottle, Mauritius, Arecaceae.
Hyophorbe verschaffeltii, spindle palm, Mauritius but widely cultivated, raphides, Arecaceae.
Hyoscyamus muticus, source of the alkaloid hyoscymine, Solanaceae.
Hyoscyamus niger, henbane, common henbane, black henbane, stinking nightshade, poisonous, herbal medicine, scopolamine,
hyoscyamine alkaloid, Solanaceae.
Hyospathe elegans, Brazil, Arecaceae.
Hyparrhenia, thatching grass, Poaceae.
Hypericaceae, Family Hypericaceae, St John's wort family

Family Hypericaceae, St. John's wort family
Hypericum species: | Hypericin | Mangigerin |
Hypericum androsaemum | Norathyriol | Hypericaceae.
Hypericum aucheri | Norathyriol | Hypericaceae.
Rose of sharon (Hypericum calycinum), (See Psalm 133:2, Aaron's beard), Jerusalem star, low shrub, large yellow flowers, | Hypercalin B
| herbal remedy, Hypericaceae.
Hypericum degenii | Gentisein |, Hypericaceae.
Hypericum drummondii | Drummondin A |, Hypericaceae.
Japanese St John's wort (Hypericum japonicum) | Sarothralin |, Hypericaceae.

St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum), common St. John's wort, klamath, invasive weed, tutsan, curry bush, prostrate shrub, perennial,
groundcover, hardy plant, pink flowers, | Hypericin | Hyperin | leaves as herbal medicine, use aerial parts infused oil as a cream for
nerve-related pain, e.g. shingles, antidepressant for mild depression but do not use with antidepressants and other drugs, anti-inflammatory,
may cause photosensitivity, yellow dye, invasion of pasture, Croatia, Hypericaceae.
St. John's Wort cannot be sent to the States of NSW and Victoria, Australia.
Do not combine this herb with any prescribed or self-administered medication, alcohol, ultraviolet light or solarium use.
Some herbalists will not prescribe it, because they consider St John's Wort too dangerous for ingestion because of phytotoxic side effects.
St. John's Wort, Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm, See text below images.
Dried herb sold as aerials and aerials powder.
Hypericum triquetrifolium | Pseudohypericin |, Hypericaceae.

Hyphaene thebaica, doum palm, gingerbread palm, forked trunk, edible gingerbread-tasting fruit, eastern Africa, Arecaceae.
Hyphaene natalensis, ilala palm, southern Africa, Arecaceae.
Hypochaeris radicata (Hypochoeris radicata), cat's ear, false dandelion, milky sap, all parts edible, invasive weed, Europe, Asteraceae.
Hypocyrta glabra, goldfish plant, clog plant (houseplant), Gesnariaceae.
Hypoestes sanguinolenta (H. phyllostachya), freckle face, polka dot plant (houseplant), Acanthaceae.
Hypogynium, West Indian blue stem, Poaceae.
Hypolytrum pseudomapanioides, Cyperaceae.
Hypoxis, star grass, Liliaceae.
Hyppeastrum amarylis (houseplant), Amaryllidaceae.
Hyptis capitata, lesser roundhead, herbal medicine, Malvaceae.
Hyptis spicigera, hyptis, bush mint, drying oil, Lamiaceae.
Hyrangea macrophylla (H. hortensis), mophead hydrangea, flowers change colour pink to blue by adding aluminium to soil, Asia,
Hyssopus officinalis, hyssop, Lamiaceae.