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Virology Down Under (VDU) was started by me in

1997 to provide information about the discovery,

detection and characterization of human viruses. VDU looks at

viruses and viral diseases and areas related to Virology, the study of

viruses. The site began a blog in April 2013, located at

www.virologydownunder.blogspot.com.au. As of 22nd March 2015,

I’ve decided to no longer update the website. I will move its content

to blog pages instead.

Site Updates

22MAR2015 - Last update for the VDU website 04.05.14. Finally gotr MERS-CoV page back up. Needs mroe work though. 26.03.14. VDU has been pulled down and is in a process of being rebuilt using a new layout and software. Please stay with me as I slowly work out ther teething issues and bugs. Follow mw on @MackayIM for updates. 01.09.13 A new Ross River virus page takes shape 24.07.13 The VDU blog component of VDU moved house to virologydownunder.blogspot.com.au. All the specific virus, DNA and PCR pages remain at their home of 16-years, The University of Queensland. 03.07.13 June's blogs relocated to The Freezer 25.06.13 New influenza page: H6N1 24.06.13 Created a monthly archive (The Freezer) of OLDnews - past blog entries.

VDU’s blog

Regular news and views posts found at www.virologydownunder.blogspot.com.au

Things to know

Last updated 42-Mar-2014. Written by Ian M. Mackay, PhD, on his personal time. All opinions are his own and do not represent medical advice or the views of any institution.

Since 28-Jan-1997

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