Australia is a warm and welcoming country that prides itself on its history of multiculturalism. Australia is often described as a 'melting pot' of different faces, races and cultural traditions, yet all Australian, upholding a distinct set of Australian values and traditions. Read more about Australians on the international students’ website.

In Australia, people are free to follow their own beliefs and religion. A place of worship can be a great support for your faith, and a place to grow and be nurtured by others who share the same faith. Read more about Worship and Religion in Australia including places to worship in Brisbane on the international students’ website.

When you leave home you naturally take your own personality and cultural ways with you. Understanding the language and communication differences can help ease the transition. Read more about communicating in Australia.

Australia is a multicultural society and therefore Australian customs may differ depending on the individual’s background. However, there are some common customs and characteristics of Australian people which are explained under Australian CustomsAlso, learn more about things to do in Brisbane on the international students’ website.