James Hill <br> Winter Research Scholar <br> 2014
James Hill
Winter Research Scholar
The UQ Winter Research Program provides you with an opportunity to gain research experience working alongside some of the university’s leading academics and researchers. By participating, you’ll be able to extend your knowledge of an area of interest and develop your analytical, critical thinking, and communication skills.

Research projects are available in many disciplines for between 4-6 weeks over the winter vacation period (from mid-June to mid-July).

Participation is open to undergraduate students, including honours, who have completed at least one year of study at the time of application and Masters by coursework students. The program is open to undergraduate students from The University of Queensland.

All Winter Research scholars will receive a Winter Research scholarship.  

Applications for the UQ Winter Research Program 2016 have now closed.

General enquiries about the program can be directed to the UQ Advantage Office at advantage@uq.edu.au

UQ Winter Research Program section

Information for Applicants

Find out more about available projects and program guidelines.

Resources for Participants

Visit this page for useful information for 2015 Winter Research scholars.

Information for Staff

Helpful resources for UQ staff and program administrators.
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