The UQ Advantage Grant scheme has been designed to promote student mobility and to encourage participation in a wide-range of extra curricular and related activities which enhance students' academic and career development. The Grants offer financial support to subsidise UQ students' involvement in activities which will enrich their studies and university experience.

Who is eligible?

These grants are for students currently enrolled in a degree program at The University of Queensland (i.e. undergraduate, honours, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or coursework masters). The grants are not for students enrolled in research higher degree programs.

How much

The amount of the grant will vary up to a maximum of $1000, depending on availability of funding, location of activity, level of involvement in activity, amount of co-funding by academic unit. Students are encouraged to apply for funding from other sources such as your Faculty or School. Each application will be considered on a case by case basis.

Application due dates

Grants will be awarded 4 times during the year. Due dates for applications are by 11:59pm on the following dates each year:

  • 15 February: For an activity commencing between mid-March and mid-June
  • 15 May: For an activity commencing between mid-June and mid-September
  • 15 August: For an activity commencing between mid-September and mid-December
  • 15 November: For an activity commencing between December and mid-March

Late applications will not be accepted.

Please note that applications must be received by the closing date as late applications will not be considered. If you have not finalised your supporting documentation (eg. letters of acceptance or support from activity coordinator) please submit your application by the closing date. You will be required to submit your supporting materials prior to approval.


Please note that the UQ Advantage Grant Guidelines have recently been updated.  Significant changes have been made to ensure all student applications are considered equitably.

Preparing for your activity

The UQ Advantage Office has developed a Pre Departure Guide to assist you with preparing for your activity and to provide some useful tips when planning your travel.

We encourage you to read this guide carefully and to contact the UQ Advantage Office if you would like any additional information.

UQ Advantage Grant section

UQ Advantage Grant Guidelines

It is important to read and understand the Guidelines thoroughly prior to completing the application form.

UQ Advantage Grant Application Form

Applications are now open until 15 February for activities commencing between mid-March and mid-June.

UQ Advantage Grant Stories

Read about what previous recipients have achieved with the UQ Advantage Grant.
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