Bachelor of Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce

Academic Experiences

In HKU, we need to take FIVE courses (30 credits) for one semester in order to receive #8 credits when we return to UQ. It might be make you feel a little bit busy, because we only take 4 courses in UQ. However, the study load is almost same. Because for some courses don’t have tutorials or only have several tutorials in specific dates. Please check HKU website to confirm it. HKU provides various courses that I believe you can find what you are interested in. Moreover, professors in HKU are very willing to communicate with students and help them solve problems. It will be a good way to expand your social networking or/and find more opportunities to improve your knowledge. For example, some trips only provide to full-time student, but if you can talk with your professors, they may help you to get in. Also, there are many public lectures held in HKU and it is free.

Personal Experiences

Firstly, I strongly recommend you to join the clubs. There are a lot clubs in HKU, I joined Investment club, film club etc. They have many activities during one semester, you can sign on it and enrich your leisure time. For example, you can participate in one-day trip to a land around Hong Kong. Also, horse riding, wine tasting and virtual securities competition are all available in different clubs.

Secondly, Hong Kong is a muti culture city and there will always have a lot of things to do. Friends I meet in Hong Kong come from all over the world. They are from U.S, Europe, Asia, Hong Kong and Mainland China. All my friends enjoy the time they living in HK. Also, they invite their family and friends come to visit them. We often eat outside to try different food. In HK, you can find not only local food, but also the food from Russia, Italy, Germany, India and etc. Most of restaurants will have English menu, but you need to ask. But some restaurants they don’t have English menu, it is better to have a friend who know Chinese to hang out with you. Therefore, learning Cantonese will be very helpful. Especially, when you take a mini-bus, you have to shout to the driver where you will get off. Normally, the driver will only understand Cantonese.

Lastly, there are many holiday in HK which means you will have many opportunities to travel. Hong Kong has a convenient position that closely links many countries, so it’s so easy to travel Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, and Taiwan and so on.


I live in Sassoon Road Patrick Manson (PM) Student Residence and shared a room with other 2 girls from U.S and Russia. All students live in PM are exchange student. We can experience different culture and lifestyle and make lots of friends. Also, there is a kitchen in each floor and we can share different food from different countries. But the rooms in student residence in HK are very different from Australia. It is pretty small and each person has a desk under a double-decker elevated beds. Moreover, free WIFI are available in accommodation. You can take shuttle bus across the street to/back to university and it costs HK$2. PM is 5-8 minutes far from university. No MTR around HKU recently.


Living expenses in Hong Kong is cheaper than Brisbane, it may be due to exchange rate. The meal in university will be around HK$ 20- HK$35. If you want to eat outside, the price really depends on which restaurant you want to go. Afternoon tea places always have a good view which is really good in Hong Kong. Public transport price is reasonable, but the way they count price is different from Brisbane. Moreover, to choose a suitable mobile phone company should depend on your usage of data and how often you call overseas. But all the companies will ask you to sign an at least one year contract.

Just enjoy the exchange in University of Hong Kong! It will enrich your university life and expand your social networking. Also, it will be an unforgettable experience in your life.

Top Tips

  • To have more backup courses in your Study Plan, because the places for each course are very limited, to get courses approved is a bit hectic. When you meet difficulties about it, my suggestion is trying to contact the Faculty you enroll in HKU and UQ Abroad at the same time, it will be the fastest and easiest way to solve this problem. Don’t forget to update your study plan, if you changed the courses you decide to take previously.
  • A photography course is really interesting. If you were interested in photography, you can learn a lot and it is easy to get credit. Then, HKU has special Cantonese course for foreigners. If you want to learn the local language, don’t miss this opportunity!
  • Many courses under Faculty of Arts are taught in Cantonese and Chinese, therefore, you need to be careful to choose the courses you are interested in, if you didn’t understand the language.
  • It’s very conveniet to live there and everything can be bought in Hong Kong. But remember the winter in Hong Kong is actually very cold compared with Brisbane.
  • If you want to send post cards to your friends, you can buy stamps in 7-11 shops! Don’t need to go to the post office.
  • To hold an Octopus card will be so convenient. You can pay bus fares, MTR service and meals by it. Remember: Student Octopus card will only have discount on the MTR service and university shuttle bus.
  • Recruitment talks in HKU will be held very frequently, however, the internship opportunities are very hard to get if you are an exchange student. Anyway it is good to know.
  • Reading week in HKU is actually same as mid-term break in UQ.

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