I went on exchange through the UQ exchange program in the first half of 2013 to Peking University in China. There are so many things I could tell but I have only limited capacity to tell you all the great stories. So here are few tips and the journey of emotions I have been through over the last six months.

One thing I resonate with lots of UQ students is that I did not think exchange would be a necessary thing to do during my time at university, let alone life changing experience. However, luckily I got to talk to some of my friends who had been on exchange, and every single one of them had strongly recommended me to go without any hesitations. So I decided to go without having too much expectation on it; it could be mainly due to the fact that I did not know what to expect from a city that I have never been to before. What was in my mind was: regardless of whether is fun or not, I will take it as a break from university because I have been overwhelmed by all the assessments.

Going on a trip without too much expectation is good is a sense that everything you see will be surprisingly out of your expectations.

I would never expect that I would be ripped off by an innocent-looking taxi driver when I first landed and tried to find my way to the university. Even though I was mindful of the things around me, so I thought the amount of money I paid was comparatively cheap. But it turned out that I was paying double the amount other people paid.

There were many other unexpected things happened during the six months exchange which could be told for days after days. But one tip I definitely want to share with the future exchange students is that: try to get out of your comfort zone and make the most out of everything you do oversea; treasure every single minute of it because six months of time could pass in a blink of an eye.

During the six months of exchange in China, never expected such a diverse and amazing country with so many friends to be met and adventures to be made, however the feeling is still as though I have but scraped the tip of an iceberg.

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