Bachelor of Commerce/Economics
Bachelor of Commerce/Economics

Academic Experiences 

I studied seven subjects while at VSE mostly gaining credit towards my economics degree. Though it is an economics school, VSE offers subjects for most business related programs and also offers some unconventional but really interesting subjects such as Drugs and Economics. The coursework is structured a little differently to that of UQ’s as a lot of assessment derives from presentations and attendance. Most of the teachers were quite relaxed and willing to assist you if you needed to change the date you were presenting or sitting an exam. The classes for exchange students were predominantly occupied by exchange students however some classes allowed some Czech students which was nice to integrate with domestic students as well. Attendance is compulsory in some classes and is part of your grade so be mindful of that when choosing subjects. A large proportion of exchange students go to the Nation 2 Nation parties on Tuesday nights hence Wednesday morning classes aren’t ideal. VSE did a great job of welcoming me. I was assigned a buddy who picked me up from the airport, helped me get to the dorms and was always willing to help throughout the semester. The buddy system organises events and also trips to other cities, I definitely recommend signing up and going on whatever trips appeal to you as you don’t have to worry about organising and there will be plenty of other students going as well.

Personal Experiences

I learnt so much going on exchange to Prague. It was such an eye opening experience learning to interact with an array of different people and cultures. VSE has such a broad base of exchange students from around the world and I was lucky enough to make friends from all over Europe all the way to Mexico and South America. I also learnt a lot about European history and I was able to go to Auschwitz while in Europe. Travelling all around Europe after my semester also gave me a great insight to other cultures and broadened my perspective on the world. I think the most notable things about studying on exchange are that it allows you to see your life from an outside point of view and helps you be more decisive and gives you more clarity to what you want from life and to be more composed about unwarranted stresses in life. It’s easy to listen to the benefits of travel and going on exchange but you don’t quite realise how valuable it is until you experience it for yourself.


Living at the dorms meant you were consistently surrounded by friendly exchange students experiencing Prague the same way as you. I would definitely recommend staying in the dorms however I would suggest to get a single room, after hanging out with people all day and night its best to have your own space without having to worry about waking a roommate up etc. Though they’re not the nicest furnished flats, they’re definitely the cheapest and most fun. The dorms have a great community feel to them and most people who opted to rent out flats elsewhere usually commuted to the dorms everyday as that’s where most of the exchange students lived. Living at the dorms means you’re able to do as little or as much as you like as there’s always friends wanting to explore, parties going on or just people relaxing having barbeques and playing football.


Living in Prague is considerably cheaper than Australia, accommodation at the dorms for a single room is approximately $90 a week or $45 for a shared room. The unlimited metro and tram pass for 3 months is 720 Czech Korunas which is approximately $40. Groceries are quite reasonably priced as well however the dorm flats generally only have hot plates without an oven or microwave so I found it easier to eat some meals out as they are usually only around $7. Of course beers are incredibly cheap and you can get 500mL beers for only 80cents from the shop!

Top Tips

Upon arrival be sure to get acclimatised and settled in and don’t be afraid to start a conversation with anyone, they’re all there to make friends as well. Also be sure to head to down Juve the local student pub where most of the VSE students go and pints are around $1.50.

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