Program at UQ: Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of International Hotel and Tourism Management

The second time landing in Tokyo provided me with brand new experiences compared to what I had five years ago. I just arrived in time to catch the beautiful cherry blossom all over the city. First few weeks after arrival I was unaccustomed to the new life. However the benefits of living with home stay to have someone take care of me and feed me, plus plenty of Japanese practice really helped me to overcome homesick.
Campus life in Sophia reminded me of those high school days since there were homework and quizzes everyday. The classes were taught entirely in Japanese. In the beginning, this was frustrating and difficult. As time passed by, I realised that this is one of the best ways to improve my listening comprehension. Also, living in the Japanese society assisted to speed up the language skills in every aspect. Besides studying in the classes, there were many extracurricular activities offered to foreign students as a great way to meet Japanese students to learn about Japanese culture and student life.
There are always a variety of festivals and events that help enriching people’s life in Tokyo. What I enjoyed the most was the firework festival in summer. In spite of those shining and brilliant fireworks I was impressed by a vast amount of people assembled together in the festival that it was very difficult for me to move even one step forward or backward. It seemed that firework festival is represented as the most famous mark of Japanese people’s live in summer. 

I appreciated UQ for providing exchange programs that enable students to experience different cultures and lifestyle by studying abroad. To me 2009 is a year which full of remarkable and precious memories.

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