Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Peace and Conflict studies and minoring in Espaņol, 3rd year
Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Peace and Conflict studies and minoring in Espaņol, 3rd year

Academic experiences

¡Hola amigos! I am currently in my 3rd year of Arts, majoring Peace and Conflict studies and minoring Español at UQ.

In academia, I took the courses listed below:
– Translation works with a professor (Spanish-English) with materials focusing on Sustainable Development
– Organic Farming

Regarding its education system, I would say it was not extremely challenging to score higher grades compared with the one at UQ.
Yet my practical Spanish level was not very good, therefore it was my principal challenge.
To deal with the difficulty, my friends and professors were there to assist me, which greatly helped me.
Also, the course materials were tremendously intriguing to me, which highly encouraged me to do further research precisely for increasing my understanding of texts and issues.

Personal Experiences

My life experience in Mexico is something that let me discover new perspectives in lifetime.

While I was in Mexico, I spent most of my leisure time travelling.
In fact, I travelled almost every weekend.
Travelling in Mexico is certainly less pricy than any other countries I have visited in my life.
Yet there were always beautiful and lively spirits and the nature around on and off the campus, at markets, on travel, and on the way home.

The majority of people I met there were absolutely lovely and open, which also assisted me to change my perspective of Mexico.
Friendly security guards always greeted me every time I crossed the gate and that made me smile so much.
Sometimes police and people on the road even stopped and talked to me yet this does not mean there is no necessity for maintaining self-security.

Some of the biggest culture shocks I experienced is Mexicanos are likely to make promises easily and that puzzled me sometimes.
Also, random people suddenly appeared and took some photos of my friends without permission, which gave me the feeling of extreme discomfort.
However, I simply adapted to the new environment with the mindset of ‘no pasa nada’.
Yet I still attempted making my statement clear as much as possible when I needed to do so, in general speaking.

Academic development and employability

Throughout the whole exchange program, I witnessed so much inequality in everyday life as well especially in terms of politics, economics and socially and environmentally.
There was much opportunity for me to examine and critique such structural inequality.
This resulted in an increase in my critical analysis skills.
Therefore, from my perspective, I do feel that I gained increased awareness of social, political, and environmental issues throughout the exchange program.

Top tips

• Get a bicycle – this makes it a lot easier to explore the place you are at.
• Mexico is not always warm! – It is strongly recommended you take winter and summer clothes with you.
• Do not carry your favorite things – easy way to put you in great sadness in a second.
• Be open-minded to discover new perspectives and a new YOU!

Please feel free to reach me for further information.
I am happy to share my experiences in Mexico with you!


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