Program at UQ: Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Law

After only a few days since my exchange trip began at Kobe University, I knew I was going to be in for one of the best times of my life. The beautiful and cosmopolitan port city of Kobe in Japan was going to be the backdrop of my exchange adventure.
Kobe University provided me with the opportunity to study many interesting and challenging courses. One of my favourite courses was English Linguistics (taught in Japanese) which made for some brain acrobatics at certain times but very academically satisfying. The Japanese language courses were of the highest quality – one teacher even managed to make studying kanji funny and enjoyable (which is no easy feat). My Japanese ability skyrocketed thanks to mind stimulating courses and supportive staff members and teachers.
One of my favourite experiences abroad involved a spontaneous trip to Shikoku for one of the long weekends. After accidentally coming across an Awa Odori (type of traditional Japanese dance) Festival, my friends and I decided to watch it. Not long after we had sat down, one of the dancers came down to us and invited us to join them on the stage. Without hesitation we jumped up on the stage and proceeded to dance with them for the next ten minutes. The enthusiasm and friendliness of the Japanese people towards foreign people like us was rather heart-warming.
I’m not exaggerating when I say that every day was exciting and unpredictable. It got to a stage where every time something bizarre happened (and it happened a lot), my friends and I would just shrug and go, “That’s Japan!” and we loved it. I really strongly urge anyone contemplating on going on exchange to bite the bullet and go for it. I cannot recommend it highly enough. You really will be in for one amazing adventure.


Christmas lights in the city centre (Sannomiya in Kobe) - Kobe is famous for romantic lights, especially around Christmas time.


me spontaneously finding a deserted Torii gate in the middle of a mountain in Shikoku.


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