Bachelor of Business Management and Economics
Bachelor of Business Management and Economics

Going on exchange was the BEST experience of my life. I know I may be repeating the words of others but I have no regrets about the decision I made. I was a 2nd year Business Management and Economics student, heading to the University of British Columbia, Vancouver campus, for Semester 1. The campus is absolutely stunning! It is quite a big campus but you were surrounded by the amazing views of the sea and the mountains. Not only that, but there are plenty of activities to do just within the campus such as, attend an orchestra, ice skate, stroll around at the various campus gardens, swim at the beach, visit museums and watch a sports match. There is already so much you can do without leaving campus.

It was easy for me to do those activities as I lived on campus in the Walter Gage residence. Lucky for me I was in the top floor with a great view. Gage was a good place to live in for exchange students. There is a good mix of exchange students and local students, allowing you to get to know both the Canadian students and the international students from all around the world. It’s also very convenient, with the bus loop just outside the building and the close proximity of most main buildings and lecture rooms, depending on what faculty you’re in. For those reasons, I highly recommend living on campus. It is also a bit costly living in Vancouver, but if you plan well and look out for good deals, you can definitely save a bit here and there.

Academically, some students have said that it is similar to UQ, but I personally found that my lectures were quite different. Most of my subjects in UBC were Economics and the university had some pretty good Economics professors. I had the privilege of learning under two well-known professors in the university. Both had very different teaching styles and were adaptable after a few lectures.

Always use your time wisely. You are there as a tourist and a student and sometimes it can be difficult to juggle your time between what you want to do and what you need to do. Make use of your weekends to go out and explore around. That being said, make sure you use any spare time you have during the weekdays to complete assignments. Trust me, it’s not fun doing your assignments during the weekends when everyone else is out and about on an adventure.

Personally, I chose to go on exchange because I wanted to experience studying in a different university on a different continent. It was also my first time living by myself and part of this experience was to learn to live independently. If you are in the same boat as I was, then I highly recommend that you apply for exchange. Might as well learn and have fun while doing it.

Places to visit/Things to do:

  • Go skiing/snowboarding at Whistler
  • Watch an ice hockey match live
  • Eat as much of the good food as you can (doesn’t have to be the expensive ones), you can work it all off when you get home
  • Take advantage of your UPass
  • Really get to know the Canadians to get some tips about the dos and don’ts (Don’t worry! They are SUPER friendly.)

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